Night began to fall over the rolling hills and Deadrick was still more than a days travel away.

He wasn’t tired, as afore mentioned, Deadrick didn’t get tired. He was a bit lazy sometimes, but never tired.

A the moons rose to prominence in front of the burning stars, Deadrick sensed something in the surrounding trees. It wasn’t a werewolf… he was sure of it, the patch of trees was much too thin for a huge werewolf to stay hidden with it's large, dominating build.

And it was an altogether different feeling than his sixth sense. The danger was mortal- human.

Before he could station his train of thought, there was a burst of life from the bushes. A dark figure, slight and agile flew towards him, colliding with him and taking him to the floor.

There was the unmistakable sound of a blade being unsheathed, as a bright white smile became visible in the moonlight.

As the blade was raised, Deadrick swung outwards, the amazing force throwing the assassin backwards. Before they could regain their posture, Deadrick removed a length of rope from his belt and threw it. The modified heavy ends wrapped tightly around the figure, who stumbled backwards.

The rope was infused with silver shavings and salt, and was actually designed for witches, but it served perfectly well to hold his adversaries.

The figure struggled before realising that they were well and truly trapped.

Deadrick smiled to himself and gazed over his opponent, to find, with shocked amusement, that they were female.

  “Let me go! Let me go!” She yelled.

Deadrick could only laugh as he said “No,” and walked away, ignoring the assassins struggling pleas.




The End

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