The Road

The journey to Gael was a long one. First, Deadrick would have to make his way from his home in the far west of Granden Garde, the mountainous Dwarven homeland, to the east, and cross the border into Gael. Then he would continue eastwards until he reached the capital city of Gaelwynd.

He had travelled mostly everywhere on the mainland continent, from Skulm Acor to the dry, desolate Trek Wastes. Not many Kandrakhanian residents travelled from the mainland, as the only main settlements were K’Thal, the dragon homeland, to which no mortal race was allowed entry and a few other random islands.

Granden Garde was an bracing region, full of climbing mountains, deep canyons, and had only a few lakes, which glistened with sapphire blue water. The Dwarves had claimed the land centuries ago, and had three major cities and several outposts to make sure other races knew of that fact.

As he reached the border, the rough terrain began to turn green. Life began to bloom as Deadrick hit the rolling, verdant plains of Gael.

The humans, stubborn as they were, shared their vast land with many other races, some rather… unpleasant. Gael was a known Werewolf hot spot, and was where most of them made home.

Farming was Gaels main profession, and assorted farms were dotted around the landscape, growing vegetables, fruit, rearing livestock and corn.

For the livestock farmers, the Werewolves were a nuisance, often stealing cows, horses and sometimes children.

Oh, what a wonderful world Deadrick lived in.

The End

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