The Altar

He didn’t have time to return home, to his lodge, tucked away high atop the Darkened Spine Mountains, so he stocked up on supplies at Rowal’s armourer and general goods store, and left.

The Gathering was at the foot of the Darkened Spine, over a days travel away, so he had to move quickly if he wanted a glimpse of what the Unholy were gathering for.

The journey took longer than usual, even without breaks. As he bordered the Altar he sat down and rested, waiting for the Unholy to arrive. When they did, Deadrick’s sixth sense exploded inside his head, from his vantage point, he could see at least one hundred strong groups of Vampires, Lycans and Witches. There was even an envoy of demons.

Motley crews of other assorted creatures tried to find somewhere to stand in the amassing rabble, which covered almost every inch of the paved circle that was the Altar.

Deadrick watched in complete awe. Werewolves, Vampires and Witches all crammed into a comparatively small space that weren’t killing each other in a horribly bloody fashion.

A path opened to the rising stage in the middle, which a Vampire and a Werewolf climbed up to. The crowd silenced immediately, as the Vampire began to speak. The Werewolf stepped forward, trying to take the lead, but immediately stepped back with a look from the Vampire.

  “Brothers… and sisters of the night,” The Vampires smooth voice looked perfectly natural coming from his pale, handsome face. His mouth, however, was not natural. The teeth were sharp, and bloodstained, and four animal-like canines pointed up and down, “Thank you, for heeding our calls to gather here tonight. I shall get to the what’s and the why’s shortly, but firstly, the Witches envoy, Morag Tagra, did not find it necessary to come here tonight, so, her understudy and apprentice, Golog, will be the witches new envoy,”

A hunched figure, unrecognisable as a woman at first, walked across to the stage.

The Vampire went to greet her, but she hissed viciously, and he lifted his chin slightly and returned to the crowd.

“I will put this shortly, with the calling we have received, I believe it would be wise to put our differences aside and consider what He has proposed,”

With this, the crowd roared. Witches hissed and screamed, the werewolves snarled and barked, the Vampires stayed composed with a small few applauding.

The Vampire raised his hand, and the crowd silenced.

“I believe that we have our agreement, we shall send envoy’s to Him, and then we will consider our next move. But, I can promise you one thing now… brothers and sisters… with our combined power, it will be so that the Council shall fall, and we shall dance, and feed on the corpses of the ones who condemned us!”

The crowd once again surged into life, this time; the noise was incredible, all the roars and hisses merged to make one single horrific, screeching noise.

Deadrick was shocked, and with one final look at the Unholy rabble, he fled the Altar and into the night.

The End

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