“Tagra!” The pack leader growled, “It took a lot for you to get me and my brothers here! If this is some kind of trap, the Nosferana will hunt you. For this to work, we need full cooperation from you and your sisters!”

The realization dawned on Deadrick. Cooperation?! Between the major Unholy factions?

It was too much for Deadrick to compute. The Unholy creatures were all condemned due to the Infections and the magic they practised. They were too uncivilised to join modern society. And they hated each other.

“Tagra, this is the last time we say this. We, and the Nosferana, and your Sisters must congregate to decide on what He is proposing. At the altar at the foot of the mountains, that is where the Vampires have proposed we meet. At midnight, tomorrow If you are not there you will not be included in the decision we make,”

With that, the Pack leader left the opening, followed by his envoys.

When he was sure they had gone, he realised that he still had his hand clasped over Roderick’s face, he removed it and the man took in a huge gasp.

As Roderick complained about how he was worse to spend time with than Morag, what Deadrick had just heard still span around in his head. The three major factions were sending envoys to congregate with each other, and he had to be there.

Deadrick lead Roderick from the marsh, always on the alert for any other Werewolves or even worse, Vampires.

They left the marsh and were soon at the town of Rowal, where Roderick was reunited with his family. That made Deadrick heave, where everybody hugged and kissed and thanked whichever deity they worshipped that they were alive. Although, it’d been so long since anybody had… loved him, he had forgotten what it was like.

“Thank you, Inquisitor,” Roderick’s brother cried gleefully, and handed him a sack of coins.

He disliked the term Inquisitor. It was his job title, but Deadrick much preferred ‘Demon Eradicator’, or something else that didn’t make him sound like a Council official.

Deadrick had planned to finish Morag and return home, his kitty that little bit much heavier, but he knew that something big was brewing between the Unholy, and he had to be there.

The End

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