Deadpool's Amazing Analysis of LAWKI chapters 16-21

Miranda's mom falls and hurts her ankle and while it was healing she fell and hurt it again.After that Mrs.Nesbit dies.Then the Miranda's brother Johnny and her Mother both get sick and so they go to the hospital to find everyone except two nurses dead.So they go home and go to sleep and when they wake up everyone is sick.Then when they wake up the next moring the furnace back fired so Miranda had to drag her family to saftey.

The force that motivates the characters is disaster,death and the will to live.These forces make them do daring but sometimes good things.Death drives you to stay alive.Disaster makes you scared and fear can make you stronger.And finally the will to live,If you don’t have the will to live you will probably die.Another thing is theme the theme of Life As We Knew It, is don’t make rash decisions.Miranda made many rash choices mostly causing disaster.However Miranda kept her family alive,but did rash thing like not doing school.When the smoke clears and everything is better Miranda will have to redo two years of school.This is bad because she will be teased.Teasing can cause her to commit suicide.


The End

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