Deadpool's Amazing Analysis of LAWKI chapters 11-15

Much has happened in these chapters, First of all a large deal was made when our main character eats a bag of chocolate chips, but it was called for they have to save as much so they can survive as long as possible,plus they were for Matt's[main character's older brother]birthday.And the other main thing was Megan[Miranda's bff]dies,because the priest tricked the whole church into giving him their food so many of them starved including Megan.

I feel as if a theme is coming into view.Actually I feel there are many themes but one stands out to me.It's in fact don't be to trusting."Megan's Dead This is a quote to support my theme, not Megan's dead but why.You see Megan gave all her food to her preist so she died she was to trusting.In another topic, the novels characters seem to be influenced by their feelings of fear and greef.This shows when Miranda eats the chocolate chips,not eating them but why she did it,she felt her mom was hoarding food, and the food was hers.The novel also seems to show alot of change in the character's minds,it's that everyone seems to be freindlie or just selfish like when the preist took everyones food.

The End

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