Chapter 2Mature

                                    Chapter 2


  I don’t remember falling asleep, but I remember everything beforehand. I shook myself mentally,

re-arranged and then sank, into my pillows. Alvaro must have brought me up last night. I looked across the room. There he was, propped up on one side with his elbow. He looked extremely hot with his muscles flexed and his morning hair. Not to mention the fact that the light that streamed through the window behind him, made him glow like a Greek god. He gave me a half smile.

  “I’m worried about you,” It took a moment for me to register the words. “I think that you’ve taken on too much too quickly.” I could tell from the look in his eyes, I wasn’t leaving this room today. I looked at the clock. 6:30 AM. Too early to continue this conversation. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

  Four hours later, I got up and Alvaro and I had an Indiana Jones marathon. We were the only people with a TV and bathroom in the dorm. After our movies we felt guilty for neglecting out duty for so long. So we meditated …… for 3 hours. Three hours of silence. I figured that this was long enough and the silence needed to be broken. I stood up and stretched my legs; Alvaro opened his eyes and looked at his watch.  

  “Man, I’m hungry! I haven’t eaten all day and it’s already 7:00. “He stood up next to me and stretched in a cat like manner. “Let’s go get something to eat.” I considered for a moment. Then shook my head.

  “Nah, I’m not hungry and I need to shower.” I started to get my PJ’s out of my drawer; I was still in my Rahu uniform from the day before. “But can you get me a bottle of water if you’re going down?”

  “Yeah, sure.” 

  It seemed odd to have him leave like that. Just two words and no ‘see ya later’. I contemplated this in the shower. I was fully dressed and drying my hair when I heard the door close. I stepped out of the bathroom to greet Alvaro and I got the shock of my life.

  “Get. Out. Now. How the hell did you get keys to my room! I thought I made it clear that you weren’t going to have me you little shit! Now get out, Madison before I force you out!”  Calvin Madison apparently didn’t learn his lesson the first time. I guess I could always re-teach him. Ugh, he is such a waste of breath.

  “Hey there, Raevukas. You know, I think I’m gunna call you Kassie. Oooh lookie here! You have your own TV and bathroom! WELL! You are living a life of luxury aren’t you?”

  “You’re starting to piss me off Madison. You haven’t seen me angry before and I don’t think it’s a sight that you particularly want to see. If you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll give me those keys and leave.” He smirked. God I hate it when people smirk.

  He was leaning against the door, standing right by my bed. I went over and straightened the pillows that were farthest from him. When I turned towards him, he was roughly 5 inches away from my face. I couldn’t step back because of my dresser so I just played it cool. I was about to speak but he beat me to it.

  “So Kassie I was – “

  “Don’t call me Kassie.”

  “Okay, well, how does baby suit you? Or sweetheart?” he grinned. I gave nothing away in my facial expression apart from the fact that I wanted to slap him. He came closer, a mere inch from my face.

  “No.” I only spoke one word and apparently, he didn’t get the message that I was trying to send out, I grabbed his throat and pulled away. I threw him against the opposite wall and then punched him in the face and side kicked to the stomach. “You are a stalker-ish man whore who I think needs to never talk to me, look at me or contact me in any way ever again.” I picked him up, took the keys out of his hand and threw him out of the door of my dorm room. Then I went back into the bathroom and finished drying my hair. Alvaro looked shocked when I told him at first. Then he burst out laughing.

  “It seems you have a not-so-secret admirer. But if it makes you feel any better, my night was just as bad. The girls here are just as bad as the guys. I think that 4 came up to me tonight. It’s under my record but still… There was this one girl who wouldn’t leave me alone! She’s only 15 and she expects me to like her? 5 years is too much of an age difference for me.” It was my turn to laugh. Another hopeful, soon to have her hopes crushed.

  “What did she look like?” I couldn’t help it I had to ask.

  “She was pretty and confident but basically like all the others. Blond hair, blue eyes, big chest and a short skirt.” I laughed again. He had summed up almost every girl that ever approached him, in one short description. The typical popular girl. “She didn’t take well to being turned down.

  By now it was 9:30 and we were going to turn in for the night. As I was drifting off to sleep I heard James say something. It was barely audible and I don’t know if I imagined it. He said, ‘As long as you’re my partner and I spend my time with you, I’ll never see anyone. You’re enough for me’.


  ‘Oh gods of Olympus, God of creation and Anubis Egyptian god of the underworld!! They’re coming. I have to hide! Why do the Masters push me away like this? They need everyone and I WILL fight! 40 Daymuns. No one is going to survive this swarm. We’re going to die. Pull yourself together and stop this foolishness. Only the weak cry! Okay, breathe. I feel so small next to Teacher. I’m so lucky to be his student. Within minutes the Daymuns arrive, and tear through the bamboo door. They don’t come any closer then that. Everyone turns and runs. Even the strongest Masters and Warrior Rahu know that they will not survive this fight. I’m frozen. I try to move, but can’t. The Daymuns are like shadows. Black as night are their eyes and mouth, their hair is the red of the devil. The red of fresh blood. Their fingers are as long as two of mine and are pointed like eagle talons. The blood red nails match the Daymuns hair perfectly. As they turn to each other, their deathly pale skin shimmers. They are in human form this time. They are the most terrifying and deadly thing in the Rahu world and I am about to face 40 of them … alone. One bares his black teeth at me. Oddly, I am not afraid. I realize that they are about to attack me, so I sit down and I focus. They begin their charge and I send out a wave of raw power, killing the four in the front. I’m drained and can no longer fight. I have used my energy and I did what I could. I feel claws tearing at my flesh. I keep my eyes closed. I was stupid to try to equal her. I feel blood oozing down my arms and face. I’m being torn apart.



 I woke up early on Sunday with the faces of Alvaro and a lady I hade never seen before crouched over me.

  “I tried to wake you up at 4:30 for our run. When you didn’t get up I figured it was all the stress from the last couple days, so I let you sleep. But when you didn’t wake up AFTER my run I started to get worried. I was trying to wake you up for a little over an hour. This is Kataizia. She’s the medic … she’s also a Spiritguide.”

  “It was the dream.” James eyes widened and then closed. His lips moved as if he were praying. I hadn’t had the dream in a couple months. His eyes opened.

  “Hawks?” his voice betrayed his forced calm and sounded scared and angry. I shook my head and he seemed to relax a bit.

  The rumors about me and James – and our classes – spread like wildfire throughout the student body. My dragon tattoo – which took up a good portion of my back – apparently came to life in battle and burned my opponents. James and I were allegedly engaged, and because James used physical combat as little as possible, there were rumors that he attacked people mentally. These were the least far fetched. This wasn’t entirely a bad thing though. As our second week at Waterstar School began, there were fewer stares and less rude comments. James and I began listening in on the students classes, standing in the back of class. We were asked to leave a few times because of the students whisperings that followed us like shadows. By the end of Tuesday, we hadn’t chosen anyone else. Wednesday was our next class. I debated starting intense training but James talked me out of it. It was still too advanced. I contemplated showing them the weapons but again, James insisted that it wasn’t a good idea. So I settled for the history. Oh joy. Personally it was my least favorite thing to learn. Then an idea hit me. I wasn’t going to teach them facts and dates. I would make it interesting.


  “Take a seat.”

  “But Simmian” I shot Brasilia a look that shut her up and made her realize what she had said. “I mean, Grande Master Warrior Raevukas, when are we going to start training? We did all the talking stuff last time. I want to learn to fight!”

  “Relax Celia, today is your first lesson.” Their joyful smiles and excitement faded with my next words. “The history of the Rahu is something you must learn if you are to –“

  “We’re going to be Rahu!” the look on her face told me that Shiloh was deadly serious. She thought that they were all going to become Warrior Rahu. James spoke before me.

  “No, you’re here to learn our way and to live as we do for a month. Knowing the history will help you gain respect and learn it. As well as self-discipline.”

  “But history’s boring.”

  “You still have to learn it.”

  “You say it helps gain respect but I really don’t think it will. I have no respect for people who broadcast their knowledge.” By this point I heard the argument boiling and I was almost on the verge of tears. I realized that it was time to tell the truth. I silenced them with a single whispered word.

  “Enough.” I started to pace, picking and choosing my next words very carefully. “It seems that the time has come to tell you why I am here. However, before I start there is a journalist for the school paper listening to everything that I say through the door.” I walked over to the gym door and opened it, only to find him halfway down the hall. I closed the door and placed my hand on it. Both the door and my hand glowed an electric blue. I did this to each of the four doors.

  “Rae, is that really necessary?”

  “Yes James, it is. Even more so now that you called me Rae.” I grinned at him.

  “But bubble charms? Honestly?”

  “Yeah I guess you’re right.” I finished the last door and then walked to the middle of the gym. I closed my eyes.

  “Rae what are you doing?” at that moment I sent out a blinding flash of orange light. The element of fire.

  “You were right, bubble charms are weak. Now if anyone breaks through, they’ll wish that they didn’t.”

  “Rae, please tell me that it wasn’t a laie charm.”

  “So you think that I’m a murderer?”

  “No but with all of the protection … forgive me?”

  “Why should I forgive someone who does not trust me?”

  “Kullake, trust me because of the past.” I looked at him. I thought of the past.

  “I forgive you. Now that no one can listen I must tell you all my true reason for being here. No Alvaro, I’m not here to train or teach. No one knows why other then Teacher. Shiloh you are not in training to become Warrior Rahu. The nine of you are potentially something much more important. Long ago, as most of you know already, the Warriors were the most deadly force on the face of the earth. We fought only for peace but it was never held for long. There were creatures, called Daymuns that challenged the peace. – “

  “I really don-“

  “Shut up Alvaro. They need to know and this needs to come from me. They challenged the peace. They were the only true enemy of the Warrior Rahu. Daymuns are evil. They have no soul. You are either born a Daymun or you become one. To become a Daymun is the worst crime you could commit. You have to kill a close family member or friend, drink all their blood and then slit your own throat. Even talking about them in a sympathetic way was a cause for punishment. Eventually they invaded our headquarters and most of the Rahu were wiped out. I will spare you the details. It’s something that you will learn, but later on. The only thing that saved our Teacher and the rest of our people were the kaitsevahenditele. They are a special group of people. They are connected with the planets. Or rather, the gods that the planet are named after. Their powers are legend among the Warrior Rahu. You and them are one and the same.” There was a shocked silence. I couldn’t blame them. I continued 

  “There is Mercury, the messenger god. Venus, the goddess of love. Mars the god of war. Jupiter, the king of the gods. Saturn, god of time. Uranus, the father of Saturn and also the sky. Neptune, the god of the sea. Pluto, the god of death. The Rahu represent earth. There is Apollo and Diana left now. The sun and the moon. As you know, there are nine of you. There is one more to be found. Now I excuse you all. I’m sure it’s a lot to think about.” I called back my charms and my class left.



  With the front four Daymuns dead I feel exhausted. I feel the blood oozing from the gashes that the Daymuns talons create. I will not show fear. I will not show pain. I will not give them the satisfaction. I might as well let them gauge out my eyes. I might as well look at my killers. Who is that girl?  What is she doing? If I can’t take out the Daymuns what makes her think that she can. NO! You stupid girl now they’re going after you. I can’t help you. I’m dying. What is that? No ones mark glows blue. She can’t be. She’s too young. Oh My Suns, she is. First is fire, the water, then earth … blue. She is our future. They’re dead because of her. We’re saved because of her. She won’t even remember this. Here are the kaitsevahenditele, they can really only dispose of the bodies. This girl looks familiar. Why is she coming towards me? I’m not worth saving. I’m so, so sorry my dear sister. You’ll remember the horror, but not what you did . . .

  Where am I? Who am I? What happened? Why am I in hospital? Why can’t I remember anything? Are you my parents?

(Chapter is unfinished)

The End

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