Chapter Twenty-EightMature

“Hana, do you want to put the angel on top?” Nick asked the younger girl, who was sitting on the couch with her hoody covering her face. One of the traditions was for Nick and Michael to put the tree topper –always an angel- on top of the Christmas tree. Nick was the one to do it in the past, but this year, he was going to let Hana do it.

Nick just wanted to get her, into the spirit of the season. To show her what Christmas was all about, spending time with family and friends. He just kept forgetting about how stubborn the girl was, and if she didn’t want to do something, then she wouldn’t do it.

“Not really,” Hana told him, putting her head against her knees.

Michael sighed as he walked over to his daughter, she was his daughter and nothing anyone would do, was going to change that fact. Kneeling in front of her “Hana, come on. We want to include you. You’re a part of our family, we want to do things together.”

“I’ll do others things,” Hana whispered “But not Christmas, anything, but Christmas. I just don’t like it, haven’t for the past four years. So you guys can do this and I’ll watch.”

Michael sighed, as Hana waved her hand, he didn’t know how many times he’s done it. Hana was impossible to reason with, sometimes, but he had to be lenient on her, she wasn’t use to him. Hana needed a bit of time, to realise that she was safe. It didn’t stop him from being irritated by Hana’s behaviour, but he had to give it time.

“Okay, Hana, you get what you want. Nick, can you put the topper on the tree,” Michael told his son.

Nick wanted to argue and get Hana to participate, but Michael just looked at him , telling him ‘no’ and he put the angel on top of the tree.

Usually this was a nice moment, that it was another year, as a family, but not this year. Everyone was just stressed by the last few months, no one has had much sleep, and Hana was just depressed, not that anyone knew that.

It’d been very hard on her, and the girl couldn’t find anything to be happy about. It was like the last beating, had taken her happiness and leaving the shell of what she used to be.

Michael and Nick noticed that she wasn’t like this all the time, sometimes she would laugh and have fun, mostly when the others where around. Other than that, she was in a dream-like trance. When Hana noticed it, she would be lying if she said, she wasn’t scared.

“Michael, it’s ten, can I go to bed?” Hana asked, even will all the time she was away from that monster, she still felt the need to ask for permission for everything she did.

“Of course Hana, you don’t need to ask,” Michael answered, giving her a small smile.

“Thanks Michael, goodnight Nick,” Hana said, lightly pushing herself off the couch, slightly winching as she did.

“Night Hana,” Michael and Nick said, as she went up the stairs to her bedroom.

“We’ve got some last minute shopping to do,”   


Hana sighed as she collapsed into her bed. She was already dressed and was ready to go to sleep, but she was meant to write in her journal, diary, was fair to girly. Every night, but she didn’t see the harm, in missing one night.

She turned to her side, looking at her alarm clock on her bedside table. She could faintly hear Michael and Nick, talking downstairs, it was probably about her and how they could help. She wished that they would stop, but she didn’t know what she wanted them to stop doing.

All she knew, that it’s been weird ever since, she was adopted. It might be, because someone, finally cared, but she wasn’t sure about it.

She could think about it tomorrow, Christmas day. She honestly didn’t care about what day it was, since she doubted she’d get anything. She didn’t the years before or before that, you get it. Steven didn’t like the holidays, at lease he wasn’t when she was with him. Oh, well it didn’t matter to her. Hana rolled over and closed her eyes, in a few seconds, she was asleep.


“Hana, come on, wake up. Hana, wake up.” A voice broke through the haze surrounding her mine and she really wanted to go back to sleep. Opening her eyes, all she saw was a grinning Nick, in front of her bed “Come on Hana, Michael’s waiting for us.”

“What’s the time?” Hana groaned, looking at her digital clock, nine-thirty “Wow, I slept in, for once, should I get dressed?” Pointing to her shorts and top.

“Nope, just come on,” Nick extended a hand to Hana, which she took gratefully With Nick’s help, she was able to get to her feet, will very little pain.

“Now what?” Hana asked, as Nick walked out the room, dragging her behind him.

“We go downstairs,” Nick said, as they went down the stairs.

“Can’t I go back to bed?”

“Nope,” Nick smiled at her, why did her older brother have to be more hyper than a four years old on sugar?   


“Because, we have something for you,”

When they got to the living room, Michael was already there, looking at the presents underneath the tree.

“Merry Christmas,” Michael said, as he saw his two children.

Hana couldn’t help, but marvel over the fact that he had a dozen personalities. He was a cop, and when  he was working, he’s stern and stoic, but at home he’s always nice and clam. While Michael could be one of the nicest person, you’d ever met, threaten his family and you’d never be found again. Not that Hana and Nick, ever see that part of his personality.

“Merry X-mas, or whatever,” Hana said, as she collapsed on the coach.

“Come on, Hana, sit up,” Michael lightly teased, pulling Hana into a sitting position.

“I’m tired,” Hana said, trying to lye back down “I’d still be asleep if someone didn’t wake me up,”

“Hana, it’s Christmas,” Michael whispered, as he taught her and pulled her to her feet “that means you spend time with family. I know that you haven’t had a loving family for a while, but we want you to join us. It’s up to you, but we love you and want you to be happy.”

Hana slightly whimpered as Michael talked. In all honesty and truth, she kind of wished that Michael hated her, everything was much easier, if your guardian hated you. At least you knew what you could and couldn’t do. You just follow the rules and tried not to mess up. “I love you guys as well. I’m not used to this sort of thing.”

“We understand Hana. That’s why we’re not pushing you or forcing you to do anything. We just hope, you’d join us,” Nick said, leaning over the chair. “So, will you?”

“I guess, I could try,” Hana said, looking at her brother, she kinda wished everyone else was here “can’t do any harm, to try, right?”

“Yes,” Nick cheered, a giant smile on his face “Stay here and I’ll get your present.”

“Present?” Hana asked, looking at the two “But I didn’t get you anything.”

Hana sat down, why where they getting her anything, she was sure, that she’d been to them was a pain. Michael, seeing Hana about five seconds away from a panic attack, sat next to his daughter.

“Not all presents have to be brought, but in some ways you did get us one. I wanted to look after another child, since Nick here, will be in college and Nick wanted a younger sibling, someone to project. See you did get us a gift.”

Hana smiled at Michael leaning against his side and closing her eyes. Michael just wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer, smiling at the girl, who was finally accepting him.

“Hana, you ready?” Nick shouted as he came into the room. Hana quickly sat up from her leaning position. Nick gave her a knowing smile and laughed “You look like a deer caught in headlights.”

“Whatever. I’m ready,” Hana tried to hide her excitement, but she couldn’t help it. She had to smile, when she saw something behind Nick’s back.

“Okay,” Nick bend down and let whatever he was holding behind his back go “Say hello to Neva,”

Hana was tickled faster than anyone would say ‘Christmas,’ and Hana was trying to get the fur ball of her, with no luck. Michael and Nick couldn’t help, but laugh, as the small keeshond continued to lick Hana’s face, occasionally barking.

“You got me a puppy?” Hana asked, as she calm Neva down.

“We thought, you’d like one. So we got the cutest one in the store. She’s a keeshond; they’re very friendly, from what the store owner told me.” Michael said, as he picked up the small puppy and Nick helped Hana to her feet.

“I love her, but why Neva?”

“The owner of the dogs, had already names them, when he gave them to the store owner. The name just stayed.” Nick explained, Hana getting her new puppy from Michael.

“Thank you, she’s adorable.” Hana said, hugging both Nick and Michael.

“She’s supposed to gain a giant coat of fur, that’ll make her look like a fluff ball. I can’t wait for shedding season,” Michael joked as he stood up “Now there are other presents under the tree for the two of you. Why don’t we open them.”

“Okay,” Hana and Nick said at the same time.

The rest of the morning was spent opening presents and having breakfast. After which they went to the Bailey’s house for a Christmas party.

The rest of the day, Hana played with her puppy, which she loved more than life, already. For the first time in years, Hana felt really happy. Things might go bad, but she knew that she’d be fine, as long as she had her family by her side.

Her family was large and messed up, but she loved them and they loved her.         

The End

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