Chapter Twenty-SevenMature

After Hana woke up, she was released from the hospital after two and a half weeks, but she was told to take it easy, and not to exert herself, she also had to come back for weekly check-ups, just to make sure everyone was healing. That was almost two month ago, and living with Michael and Nick, was much better than living with Steven.

It seemed that Steven wasn’t going to be a problem; he’d been sentenced to life in jail, for child abuse and about fifteen other chargers. Steven was out of Hana’s life for good, it was what everyone was hoping for.

Hana had to see a counsellor, who was trying to help her, with her trust issues. She thought Ethan’s dad, Christian, was better than Lily and she used his methods, more than Lily’s.

She barely let people touch her, with the expectation of her friends. Ethan and Anna mainly, with Nick and Sam, it wasn’t so often. Even if it taken awhile, Hana trusted Michael a lot more, than when she first met him, and she didn’t trust him, at all, at first.

Hana also had her own room, since Michael was her legal guardian and she was going to live with him, for the next four years or so.  When she moved in, she didn’t own every much, Michael and Nick had to take her shopping for clothes and things to decorate her room with. Now her room was covered in posters, things she made and a bookcase filled with books.

Hana loved art, anything to do with painting and drawing. In this world, you’re good at either science or art, Hana was defiantly art. She was also good at it, since she had a lot of spare time and hated doing homework. On her desk, was the snowflake and sculpture that Sam had made her, since then he’d made her another one, this time of Jack Frost, the winter spirit and she loved it.

There was also a family photo, when she was eight, and sadly it was the only picture she had of her parents. Hana had hidden a family album, that had pictures of both her and Lila. It was taken a month before the car crash, before her life become a living hell, two years later.

 Hana and Lila were standing in the middle, both wearing spring dresses. Hana’s dad was standing to Lila’s left and Hana’s right, with a hand on both their shoulders. Her mum was standing next to her dad, the thing she loved about this photo, was that they were smiling and Hana’s family, loved doing things, to make another person smile. It was sad, to think, of what happened after the photo.

Anna, Sam and Ethan visited Hana, as much as they could. With school, still going on, it made it a bit hard. It was almost the school holidays, so they were off for two weeks and that gave them more time, to spend with her.

Each visit was the same. Anna, would go all mother hen, but Hana loved it, since she hadn’t had a mum/sister in years. Ethan would sit next to her, and joke about her being a trouble maker, through everyone, but Hana, had found out about his crash on her, Sam would roll his eyes.

Nick and Anna would get into a fight, most of them weren’t bad, just made them look like an old married couple. It amused the other three when they fought, Sam and Ethan made bets, on when they were going to go out, also when they were going to get married. None of them stopped the fights, just let it run it’s course.

Hana had to go back to school, after a month. One of her friends was always with her in the hallways, more so Ethan than anyone else. Just in case, anyone got a bright idea to bully her. No one did, news travelled like wild fire and everyone knew what Steven did to her.

Mr Engels has called her to the office, removing any lasting detentions. He also apologized for being rude, the day he had to deal with her, his daughter, Amber, died. From then on Hana looked at Mr Engel in a new light. Maybe he wasn’t that bad after all.

The other thing, she had gotten from Steven, besides her trust issues and injuries, were nightmares. Every night, she would wake up screaming, sometimes her eyes would be open when it happened, but she wouldn’t be awake, even if she talked and moved around.

Only two people could wake her up and calm her down, Ethan and Nick, because she didn’t trust Michael enough, to let him help when it happened. It was the reason Ethan stayed at Nick’s house a lot, even slept over, a few times a week.

Even through Michael tried to hide it, Nick could see that it hurt when Hana wouldn’t let him near her. He understood why Hana wasn’t allowing him near her, so he didn’t push her, but it hurt, just the same.

Over time the nightmare lessened, till Hana only had them once every three to four days, which was a major improvement.

Currently, it was getting close to Christmas. Nick and Michael tried to get her into it, but she hadn’t celebrated for about four years. So she didn’t want to be a part of it.

It may have been Christmas Eve, but Hana didn’t care, it really hadn’t been a good year for her. 

The End

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