Chapter Twenty-SixMature

After Hana woke up, the doctors wanted to make sure she was healthy and as soon they were done. Hana went back to sleep, for another three hours.

Nick didn’t mind, she was physically and mentally tired. Dr Cook, told them, that she couldn’t be able to stay awake very long. He only wanted to talk to her, since it was himself and Michael at the hospital.

Everyone else went home, to get some sleep. Even through Ethan wanted to stay, his parents had to bribe him, or did they blackmail him. If he went home and got some rest, he could come back, it was the same for everyone else. Sadly, his friend since Elementary, when he moved over, was stubborn and needed an extra push.

Nick quietly opened the door, before sticking his head in. He was making sure that Hana was awake, so he didn’t wake her up, if she was asleep.

“Hi, Nick,” Hana yawned, her throat was still sore, so it made it hurt to talk, not that she wanted to “So are you going to tell me anything?”

“We’re going to tell you, where do you want us to start?” Michael asked, as Nick went to sit down in the chair near the bed.

“Adoption? What’s going on?” Hana asked, looking at Nick for the answer.

Nick smiled as he moved some of the girl’s hair, away from her face. He stopped when she flinched, her eyes closed for a second, before she relaxed. Nick decided that it was better for everyone, if ignored what just happened, for the time being. “Michael had been given temporary guardianship if you, but his filling out papers to adopt you. So you don’t have to be an orphan or be go to different foster homes. You’re going to stay with us.”

“Okay,” Hana whispered, before looking at Michael “How are you two related? You call him Michael, not dad or father, or anything like that. So who is he to you?”

Nick laughed, while resisting the urge to ruffle her hair, she was cute and no one was going to say otherwise. Nor where they going to mess with his little sister “Michael’s my adoptive dad, has been since I turned fourteen. Never got used to calling anything, other than his name and he lets me.”   

Michael slowly walked over to the two. He wanted to see, how the young girl reacted to him, so he noticed the look she gave him. She looked like a caged wild animal, ready to attack or flee at any moment’s notice.

“Dr Cook, the one who’s taking care of you, said that in a week or two weeks’ time, you should be able to come home with us. By then your ribs should be mostly healed and the change of infection will have lowered.” Michael said, keeping out the information about Steven, they really didn’t Hana going into a full-blown panic attack. Besides what the man did to her, mentally, left her scared and insecure.

“I’m tired,” Hana yawned, as she rubbed her eyes “You don’t mind if I go to sleep?”

“Go ahead Hana,” Nick told her, as he helped her lay back down. She looked like a cute ten year old, ready to have a nap, even though they hate them.

“Not too far ahead, don’t want to lose it,” Hana whispered, Nick tired not to laugh, good old Hana, making even the un-funniest of jokes, hilarious.

“Oh, Sam left something,” Han said, holding a piece of paper that was clearly out of a notebook “Tell him thanks, for me, please.” And a second later Hana was sound asleep. Nick shared a look with Michael before looking at the note; he wanted to see what Sam had written. 

“Family isn’t always blood and DNA,” Nick read, so Michael knew what it said “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. And you’re family. Never to be alone or forgotten. Stuck with us, through good times and bad ones. Native American or German. We don’t care. You’re safe. Part of this crazy family of four, now five. Remember we’re here to help. And, we love you.”

Michael and Nick had no choice, but to smile at the poem. Sam was always good at ‘saying’ what was needed and how to make someone feel better.

Hana was really stuck with them.

The End

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