Chapter Twenty-FiveMature

“Guess it’s my turn,” Ethan said, as he watched Sam walk out of the room, with an empty bag. “Dad, can you come in?”

“Of course, someone has to keep your temper in check,” Christian chuckled, following his son into the hospital room.

“Don’t break anything,” Adelaide told them.

AS soon as Ethan saw the small girl, he saw red. His hands balled into fists, as he lowly growled. If he ever saw this ‘Steven,’ he was going to kill that monster! Make him feel, more pain, than he put his Hana through. Her skin was as pale, as it was going to get, which only made the bags under her eyes, stand out more, along with the brushes.

“Calm down, Ethan,” Christian told him, putting his hands on his son’s shoulders.

“Calm down,” Ethan said, looking at the machines that were hocked up to the girl’s arm “He hurt Hana, my Hana.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Ethan told him, slightly seeing the bandages covering her chest and her ribs.

“Did you say ‘my Hana,’ Ethan do you have a crush?” Christian asked, watching Ethan’s face go a bright red.


“Your mother and I thought you were gay,”


“We would have loved you any way,”

Ethan looked at his dad, and then went to sit where both of his friends had. Taking a deep breath, he looked at her, away from her injuries. No matter, how hard he tried; he couldn’t not look at the ones on her face. 

“It’s okay, Ethan,” Christian told him, taking the chair Anna’s mum did.

Ethan nodded, playing with his jacket, before holding Hana’s hand in his. He looked at the heart rate monitor, blood transfusion and many more devices that his dad might have the name for, but he didn’t.

“Listen, you better wake up and be okay. Everyone’s worried about you, we stayed here all night to make sure you were okay.”

“Ethan, how long have you been friends?” Christian asked

“Almost three months,” Ethan told him, looking at his dad than back at Hana. “This better not, be one of your and Sam’s pranks. I still got to get you back for the food dye.”

Ethan didn’t have a lot of things to say, it was hard without her talking back, or her cheeky smiles, even if he thought they were cute. He rubbed his thumbs over her knuckles, it surprised him how soft her skin was.

“I love you,” Ethan whispered, “And you better be here, so I can tell you.”

“I’m sure, she’s loves you as well,” Christian told him, chuckling as his son’s face went back to bright red.


“Come on son, Nick might went to see her as well,”

“You just went me to be teased by mum and everyone else.”

“Maybe,” Christian said with a straight face, “Come on Ethan.”

Before Ethan left, he placed a kiss on her forehead and cheeks. His wife was right, Christian thought, we really might have a wedding to plan. And grandchild, they were going to be really cute.


Even after Ethan left the room and everyone teased him about his red face. It took Nick a while to go in, even with Michael. As soon as he saw Hana, he wanted to throw up, again. Just because, he had already seen them, it didn’t make it any easier, and last time, he was more worried about her living, then anything else.

Michael seeing Nick’s hesitation, lightly pushed him forward, and Nick finally snapped out of his thoughts. He didn’t look at Hana, he didn’t want to see her injuries, so Nick was looking at the Dolphin.

“Nick,” Michael said, putting a hand on his shoulders, looking the young adult in the eye before nodding towards Hana. Nick knew what that meant; he lived long enough with the man, to know what his head and eye movements meant, or at least he hoped so.

“I’m sorry that this had to happen to you. I wish I could have stopped it, then you wouldn’t be like this.” Nick said, taking the chair that his friends were “I didn’t, no one did and you had to pay the price.”

“Nick, she hid it well, all of them do,” Michael told him, taking the chair on the other side of the bed.

“All of them, what do you mean all of them?” Nick asked

“Those who are abused, most of the time they don’t tell, and the person gets away with it, until something like this happens.”

“I hope, Hana gets better,” Nick told his guardian “She doesn’t have to be by herself anymore, I’ll have a little sister.”

“Of course, since I’ve filled out the paper work,”

“And guess what Hana, he hasn’t told anyone. Isn’t it great? Michael is going to have to explain to the others, why he didn’t tell them before hand,” Nick started to rumble, he didn’t care what he said, just as long as he was talking to her.

Michael never liked violence, he saw it, as stupid, but watching his son, talk to the petite female on the bed. He wanted to kill everyone who thought it was okay, to do this to a child.

“Ughh,” A light mumble came from the small girl. Both Nick and Michael came out of their thoughts, looking at Hana with wide eyes.

“She’s waking up,” Nick sounded happy, really happy and it was shown on his face. His mouth was pulling into a massive grin and his eyes were lighting up, faster than a Christmas tree.

“Nick, I don’t know if that’s a good thing,” Michael said, slowly walking over to the call button “At least not this early.”

Another moan came from the bed, before her dark brown eyes fluttered open, but they were dimmer, looking more like coal, than just a really dark shade of brown. Hana looked around the room, she didn’t know where she was, she looked at Michael and Nick and the rest of the room, before just looking at Nick. She didn’t know why Nick was here, didn’t he leave? Michael pressed the Nurse Button.

“Ni-Nick, but I-I thought you had a-abandoned me? W-what are you d-doing h-here?” Hana chocked out, her voice was horsed, but it was only half the reason, why she was stammering.

“Abandoned?” Nick eyes went wide, he was confused and shocked, “Hana, I’d never abandoned you. I’m going to be at your side, no matter what.”

“B-but you we-weren’t there, when I w-woke up.”

Realization drawn on Michael as Hana said those words, that’s why she was panicking “You woke up during surgery. You were too confused to realize where you were. Nick wasn’t allowed to go into the room, or else he could have been there, by your side the whole time.”

Hana looked at Michael when he spoke, for the first time. She knew him, the brown hair and eyes where familiar to her. Her eyes went wide, she let out a sob. “You, you’re the one, who, who saved me. When I was drowning, but? What?”

Hana just stared at Michael in complete shock; her breathing was deeper than had been, since the surgery. But he saved her life, and at moments, she would blame the nameless man, because if she drowned she couldn’t have met Steven.   

“You must have been that little girl,” Michael said “We can talk later child,” Eve and Dr Cook came in, along with some others, pushing them out of the room and into the hallway.

“What’s going on?” Ethan asked, giving Nick a glare, if he hurt her, heavens knew what he would do.

“Four years ago, I find a child freezing to death. So I did what anyone would do. I took her to the hospital.”

And everything clicked, the teens looked at Michael as they remembered Hana’s story. The man she saw, was Michael!

“You saved her?” Nick asked, the first one who snapped out of his shock.

“Yes, Nick, it was before I adopted you.” Michael sighed, he hated explaining things to people “I might tell more about this later. When the doctors let us back in the room, we’ll talk about the adoption process.”

“Adoption?!” Everyone shouted at the same time, who could talk, but Sam was looking at Michael, like he grew another head and then a toaster.

Everyone leaned something that day, and that was Anna got her set of lungs from her family. And trust them when they said, they really did have a good pair of them.

Michael sighed, for what was like the twentieth time, he really did have to explain things, he always did and he always will. 

The End

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