Chapter Twenty-FourMature

When Anna and Sepharina entered the plan white room, Anna looked at the second half of the room, while Hana was in the first half. She still remembered the day that they followed her, and she was playing with the little ones. The look of pure joy on her face, and her laughter, Anna didn’t want to see her broken.

“Aashiyana,” Sepharina said, “Wrong side of the room,” 

“I know Mum,” Anna told her, looking out the window; she never liked the hospital, she thought that it was too white, and it smelled like they were trying to cover up the illness.

“Why?” Sepharina asked, looking at her daughter “is it Melisa?”

“Melisa, is one of the reasons,” Anna told her “One her first day, we followed her after school,”

“Why, Aashiyana, I thought I taught you better,”

“Ethan, wanted to follow her,” Anna giggled “she went to the elementary and played with the children, she was laughing and having fun,”

“Aashiyana, there is a point of telling me this?” Sepharina asked, she raised her eyebrow and Anna remembered the fact, that her mum didn’t like ‘beating around the bush.’

“I don’t want to see her broken, I want to see her laughing and having fun,”

“I know,”

“Mum, how can someone so broken, so hurt?” Anna cried, as she finally looked at the bed Hana was on, “Be so happy all the time?”

Sepharina watched her daughter walk over to the bed, putting the girl’s smaller hand into her own, and began to cry, tears were going down her face, as she sat in the chair next to the bed. Her head was on the Hana’s hand.

“Aashiyana, I don’t know,”

“Why her? Why did this have to happen?” Anna asked over and over again. Sepharina went over to her daughter and began to calm her down. Once, Anna was clam Sepharina, wanted to tell her the truth.

“Aashiyana, it might help if you talk to her,” 

“Of course,” Anna told her mum, looking at Hana, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? What did she have to lose.

“Tell Shahana, about Melisa,”

“I’ll tell her, when she’s awake,” Anna said, putting her head, back on Hana’s hand.

“Then what are you going to speak about?”

“Please be okay, Hana. We need you, you can’t leave.” Anna told Hana, looking at the dark-skinned girl, she couldn’t help, but think of Melisa and of her blonde hair, there was always something Anna wanted to tell Melisa, but she would tell Hana “I’m sorry, that we didn’t realize what was going on, and it took this to have us open our eyes, to finally see the signs.”

“Shahana, I forgot to think for the story, but I would like to all of it,” Sepharina said, sitting in the chair on the other side of the bed, and copied Anna, by taking Hana’s hand in hers.

“You know, what, once you wake up, everything’s going to get better. Nick’s dad has temporally guardianship of you, and if what Nick told me about him was true. You’re going to get adopted soon. It doesn’t matter if you’re Nick’s little sister, you’ll always be mine, and now you’re a big sister as well.”

“Ercilia, would like to have you, as an older sister,” Sepharina told her “You’re part of the Chandrika family now, so you’re stuck with us.”

“Please come back, you may have lost your family, but we’re family now. Along with Sam, Nick and Ethan’s parents, I think Ethan’s got a crush on you. Lucky duck, some girl’s would kill to get on a date with Ethan, but only time will tell, when he finally tells you, if he understands himself.”

“Aashiyana, you and I both know that that boy is clueless,”

“Mum, that means you have to wake up, Hana, or else Ethan will forever, be a clueless boy.” Anna whispered, kissing Hana’s forehead, before she and her mum got up and left the room.

Once Anna saw Nick, she ran into his arms and started to cry. Nick just help her as Sam went into the hospital room with his dad.


The thing many don’t know about Sam, is that since he can’t speak. He had to learn how to creative and make interesting things very quickly. He had also learned the date for Hana’s birthday, November the twenty-five.

Sam had made her something for her birthday, and while he was waiting to hear if she was okay.  He decided to bring them along, because Hana needed his love now, not when her birthday came around in two weeks.

He’s only goal was to show her, that she was loved and she will always be loved. So he gently picked up a sculpture of a dolphin, from his bag. Hana had told him, that dolphin’s where her favourite animal, ever since she went to the California Cost, with her family as a holiday.

Walking up to the chair that Anna was in, he didn’t look at her injuries, his focused was to give her, her presents. Setting the dolphin on the side table, he pulled out two more presents.

He showed them to her, the first was a snowflake that had everyone’s name on it, hers in the middle and Ethan’s the closet one. It was to show her, that they were friends, but more importantly they were family. Winter was the girl’s favourite season, he knew more about Hana, than the others, because Hana would have to do all the talking and he would have to sign. 

The last gift was a piece of paper that Sam had written a poem on. He wrote it when he was waiting, for Dr Cook, to tell them about Hana. Sam had a feeling that Hana was going to like the poem. For the next few minutes, he sat there playing with Hana’s long hair, stroking it out of her face and braiding it.

When it was time for him to leave with his dad, who had been strangely quiet. He turned and signed ‘you are loved no matter what,’ he knew Hana wouldn’t have been able to see it, but he felt that she knew that she was loved.

“Come sport, I think the hot tempered one wants his turn,” 

The End

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