Chapter Twenty-ThreeMature

Four hours, that was how long Hana was in surgery. For Anna, Nick, Sam and Ethan it felt like a few days, not a few hours, as they sat there, deep in thought. Their parents talking among themselves. The adults were at a lost, they knew they should go to school, but they knew their child and they were at a lost.

So, they talked about the best course of action, hoping for an answer, because the teenagers wouldn’t leave, until they knew Hana was alright. Even when the surgery was done, it take a few hours to a few days for the person to wake up.

 Adelaide thought Ethan was hiding something, because he rarely acted the way he did, only when, someone he cared about was hurt. She looked at her son, and then she worked it out, giving the tall boy a smug grin. She could hear the wedding bells already.

“Someone wrong?” Christian whispered to his wife.

“Everything’s fine, you’ll see,” Was her whispered replay.

“So, how about we just let them stay here?” Rama asked, looking at the others, he was going to let Anna stay, because she told him, she saw Hana like Ercilia. She was the older sister that needed to project the younger one.

“I agree with Rama,” Camila nodded “Even if we made them go to school, they couldn’t be able to concrete, because their thoughts will go back to their friend.”

“How about,” Michael said, putting his hand on his lap “we let them see her after the surgery and then we take them home, so they can get some rest.”

“I think we’ll have to do that,” Adelaide agreed, holding her husband’s hand. Everyone was else nodded in agreement.

When everyone heard a knock, they looked at the door. Dr Cook came in with a small smile on his face, and the adults knew that was a good sign. It meant that the girl had pulled through and she was recovering.

The teenagers, however, didn’t know this and they started to bombard Dr Cook with questions. Anna might have known, the bad sign, just not the good. Along with Ethan that it.

“Is Hana okay?” Ethan

“Can we see her?” Anna

“Will the burn leave a scar?” Nick

“Is she awake?” Ethan

“Okay, okay calm down,” Jasper put his hands up, lightly chuckling, it was always nice to see someone, was worried about.  The teens quickly stopped asking questions, but they still looked at him.

“Sorry about that,” Rama said, looking at his youngest child. Who still didn’t know what was happening, but was sleeping on his lap.

“Michael, do you want me to tell everyone, or just you?” Dr Cook asked “Since you’re her guardian, it’s you can chose.”

“Everyone,” Michael said without a second thought “I’m sure Nick would kill me, and the other would be happy to help, if I didn’t let them know what was going on.”

“Okay then,” Jasper said, shrugging his shoulders “Are you alright with that?”

He was asking the other adults, if they wanted to know what was going on. Since, they might now want to know. The others nodded their heads, showing that, yes, they wanted to know what was going on.

“Hana is going to be alright. The surgery was a success: her ribs have been moved back into place, her lung has been patched up and the grafting is working wonders. The burn might leave light scaring, but most of it will be prevented. You can see her in twos, but no more. Sorry, but its hospital policy. No she’s not awake, yet. Did I miss anything?”

“I have one,” Michael said, standing from his chair “Were there any complications with the surgery, which you hadn’t added in.”

Jasper looked at the floor, remembering the start of the operation on her lung and ribs, “I was going to tell you this, when we were alone, but oh well. At one point Hana’s heart went erratic and we had to shock it, back to normal. She also woke up at the start, panicking, but there wasn’t a problem. We think she was confused.”

“You put her back under with anaesthesia, right?”

“Of course,” Dr Cook told him “you seem to know a lot about it. How do you know it?”

“I worked as a profiler, sometimes still do, so you learn to ask questions. I’m sorry, if I offended you, but I wanted to make sure she was okay,” Michael said.

Jasper nodded, before turning to speak to everyone “Okay, follow me and I’ll lead you where we’ve already set her up.”

Everyone was silent as they went down the hallways. No one knew, how they were going to react when they saw her.


“Okay, here we are. I’ll have to leave you guys. Please, follow the rules.” Dr Cook told them, he wanted to give them privacy and he needed to check up on a few people, before he left he told them one thing “If she does wake up, press the Nurse Button and Eve will be up shortly.”

“He’s a weird one,” Adelaide muttered to her husband, who nodded in agreement. Dr Cook was a strange doctor, nice, but strange.

“Who wants to go first?” Rama asked the teens. Anna wanted to Hana, to go into the room and be there for her, and she was sure that everyone wanted to as well. Stupid rule, why did they have to go in pairs? It would be easier if all four of them could go in at once.

The teens looked at each other, to see who would go first. They waited all night to her Hana and make sure she was alright, but now that they could, none of them wanted to. They didn’t want to see the playful girl, injured and they just didn’t want to see what her foster dad did to her. It was one thing to hear about something, but another to see it with your own eyes, to be there and not at a distance.

Ethan was worried that if he went in, he would see red. That he might throw or break something, in his angry, because of this ‘Steven,’ then he won’t be allowed to go back in. He didn’t want to risk it, but he wanted to see if she was alive. Sam didn’t want to see Hana, for the same reason as Anna, he didn’t want to see Hana broken, instead of her laughing and smiling. Nick… he didn’t think, he’s be able to last one minute in the room. He may have already seen what had happened and her injuries before the surgery, but it still scared him to think about what had happened, how close they were to losing her.

The adults thought that the silence would never end, so Michael decided to take it into his own hands. “How about you go in with your parents?” Everyone nodded, their children would go in with one of them and they’ll be able to help them.

“I’ll go first,” Anna said, pushing away her fear, she needed to be strong, for Hana, for her little sister. She shouldn’t let fear stop her, stop her from helping Hana, in any way she could.   

“Okay, Anna,” Michael nodded “who do you want to go with you?”

“Mum, will you?” Anna asked, looking at her mum, since her dad had her other little sister, her first, but her second sister needed her a lot more.

“Of course Anna,” Sepharina said, kissing Ercilia’s forehead.

“Why don’t we take a seat,” William suggested, pointing to the chairs that had their backs against the wall. Without a word everyone seat down. The teens pre-pared themselves to see Hana.

They could tell that it was going to be a long day.

The End

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