Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

Anna, Sam and Ethan, somehow, managed to get to the hospital at the same time. As soon as their parents parked, they were running into the hospital.

Their parents understood their concern for their friend, in fact Ethan’s parents and Anna’s mum was just as worried, so they didn’t scold them for running in a hospital, or for their lack of manners. Something’s were more important.

Michael and Nick were talking in the hallway, a bit in front of the waiting room, when the three found them. Slowing down to a walk, and stopping in front of them.

“Nick, where’s Hana?” Ethan asked, he was sure that they were going to be in a room, but he was wrong before, not that he’s ever tell Nick or anyone that out loud.

“Is she okay?” Anna asked, after what happened to Melisa, Anna was sure she had a maternal instant, she also blamed her sister. Long story short, she was worried, because she was worried about Hana in a motherly/sisterly way.

“Is her foster dad in jail?” Sam signed, he was sure that no one saw it through, he wish he could talk. Being mute, meant that many people forgot you were there.

Nick was about to answer their questions, only to be stopped by someone putting their hand on his shoulder. Looking at his adoptive dad, he nodded his head, before seating in one of the chairs in the hallway, his friends were quick to follow and soon everyone was seated and Michael cleared his throat.

“Hana is in surgery at the moment, and she’ll more than likely be in there, for a few hours, I don’t know her current condition.” Michael said, before looking at Sam, he knew the boy was mute. Nick had talked about all of his friends, but he still hadn’t met their parents or them, till now. So he saw the boy’s question, even if no else did “The police called a few minutes ago, Steven has been arrested and is going to jail, to wait until his case goes to court.”

“Wait, a minute,” Someone said, and of course Anna knew who it was. Why did her mum have do this?

“Mum,” Anna said, looking at her parent, as her little sister walked behind her, Ercilia didn’t know what was going on, and she wished someone would tell her. Her sissy was upset and she didn’t know how to make it better. “Peppy,”

“How did you get this information? Only a child’s parent or legal guardian can be told. I’m a lawyer and if you do anything to that girl, I’ll sure you and make you pay for her hospital bills.” Sepharina was a lawyer, and it was in her blood to be one, and she couldn’t help but butt in when something didn’t sound right, like how this person, got information on a child that wasn’t his charge.

Michael gave the women a small smile, he didn’t know why she was concerned, only that she cared about the child “I’m going to guess you’re Anna’s Mum, you both have similar feathers,”

“I’m Aashiyana’s mum,” Sepharina said “But I asked you a question,”

“I’m Hana’s temporary guardian, until this whole thing blows over and Stevens in jail. Nick why don’t you and your friends; wait for us in the room Dr Cook set up for us.” 

“Of course,” Nick said “Come on,”

“Of course Nick,” Anna asked, holding Nick’s hand, before they started to walk towards the private room, where they were going to wait for any news about a small girl.

“See ya, Mum, Dad,” Ethan said, putting his hands in his pocket as muttered “those two need to get a room,”

Sam turned to his parents, following his friends as he silently giggled.

“To think, our kids have been friends since Freshman year and we never met,” William said, his forest green eyes following them as they left their sight.

“I wish, we met under different conditions,” Adelaide said, playing with her long brown hair, spring green eyes looking at everyone.

“I’m Michael Luna,” Michael said, looking at everyone. Michael was tall, but lean. His short brown hair, was kept out of his face and his brown eyes held only, seriousness for the moment, he put out a tanned out for William to take.

“I’m William Sanders,” William said “And this is my wife Camila,” Both Camila and William were blonde, but William was a few shades darker than his wife.

“You can call me Viola, it’s a nickname from my childhood,” Viola told them, her bluey-green eyes sparkling with laughter, it was something she shared with her soon.

“I’m Sepharina Chandrika, this is my daughter Ercilia,” She said, pointing to ten years old with black hair and green eyes. “Also my husband Rama.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Rama said, his green eyes looking at Viola “And Viola,”

“Yes dear,”

“My wife, doesn’t use nicknames,” Rama told her, a ran running through this black hair. It seemed his was also lean, unlike William who was a bit overweight.

“I’m Adelaide Bailey,” She said, looking at Sepharina who was as tall her daughter and just as pretty, she wished she could be that short, but sadly her family was tall, her only saving grace was that she wasn’t as thin as Sepharina.

“I’m Christian,” He said, it seemed the Bailey family were all tall and built like swimmers, or fighters.

“Why don’t we follow out children to the room,” Michael suggested, once they knew each other. They talked along the way, but they didn’t want to keep their children waiting long, after all they didn’t them worrying about where their parents were.

The End

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