Chapter Twenty-OneMature

Steven moaned as he looked at his smashed window screen, of his much loved truck. He had gotten lucky, there was no doubt about that. No broken bones, or any other life-threatening injuries. He had just gotten some scrapes and bruises.

Steven laughed, showing the world his cracked, blood stain teeth, from when he hit the airbag, that somehow worked, in the crash. He must be immortal, he survived the witch and a car crash.

Karma, ha! Karma doesn’t exist, or I did a good thing getting rid of that slut, and witch.  Steven thought, crawling out of the window of his truck. Falling into the small river, before getting up and servicing the damage to his loved truck, seeing how much that little witch was going to pay, if she was alive.

“Stand up with your hands behind your head. Don’t try anything funny, or we’ll have to shoot you.” A voice shouted behind him, and when he turned there was ten police officers, six males and four females. Their guns aimed at his head or heart. 

“Now come on, what did I do? What are the charges?” Steven asked, a sly smile on his face, standing up putting his hands past his mud-shocked hair, his brown eyes looking at them, without any signs of guilt. He didn’t feel guilty.

The law didn’t project animals, how else did he get away with it, for four years. Too bad, she dead, before it had his way with her.

“Child abuse,” A young officer, Gary, snarled.

“Fucking bitch is still alive?” Steven yelled, kicking the mud beneath his feet.

“Now you have resisting arrest, murder, and attempted murder,” Looking at the man who yelled it, he had the same colouring as the slut, Native American.

“Also, reckless driving, driving under the influence, legal pension of a gun and drug use,” Gary said, his finger getting closer to the tiger, how he could like to kill this man, but he can’t.

“Drug, drug use, gun? But how? Why?” Steven chocked “How did you find drugs? You’re not allowed to enter my house without a warrant.”

Steven was yelling at the end of it. Those pigs! Breaking their own law, fucking idiots the lot of them, how Steven wished he had his gun.

“Actually, under a ‘hot pursuit,’ meaning when you fled, it gave us legal jurisdiction to search your house.” Gary told him “we also suspected that you were drunk, which in that case, in the United States of America, an officer can enter a house, if they think it holds evidence, namely the blood alcohol.”

During it, Steven realized something, the pigs were messing with him! Giving him the legal answers because he wasn’t able to escape, couldn’t be able to run, not with this many around.

“Put your hands, all the way up, where we can see them,” Gary shouted at him, the same you would for a blood cold killer.  

Steven slowly raised his hands above his head, where they could be easily seen. He was shocked, he was found, after all these years, it seemed Karma was biting him in the ass, for leaving the little slut alive as long as he did, and she was still fucking living. For the first time he lost, for the first time he was caught, and he was going to jail.

He could dimly tell that his arms where behind his back, and that he was being handcuffed. He slightly heard his rights. The only thought that could stay in his mind was, this is all that slut’s fault, she couldn’t stop at killing my wife, she had to be the end of me as well.

“If you see my slut of a foster daughter, tell her this,” Steven screeched, fighting against the cuffs and the police officers holding his arms “She ruined my life, so I’ll make hers a living hell. I’ll find her and I’ll torture her, until she’s begging for death. And I’ll give her it, painfully.”

“He’s a real nut job,” A rookie said “Abusing a child, then killing an officer and to make it worse, he threatens the child.”

“Don’t worry about it,” The rookie’s partner said “He’ll be lucky, if he sets one foot out of jail, before he’s dying days. Come on, we need to go. We’re going to have a lot of paperwork.”

“We sure are,” The rookie smiled, before frowning as she looked at officers car, blood covered and broken. As she went to her own car, she hoped two things.

That he never sees the outside of a jail and that he dies a very painful death. If she knew one thing, it was the fact, that most criminals hate, and she meant people who hurt a child. And they torture that person, or kills them very painfully.   

The End

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