Chapter TwentyMature

The thing Hana heard as she became consciousness, was the soft sound of beeping, as she opened her eyes, she was looking at a roof, wasn’t she at the forest?

Where am I? She thought, as the sounds of other people talking around her. Nick? Where’s Nick, she couldn’t hear him among the people around her, she couldn’t see him. He told her that he couldn’t leave her, he promised and she fell for it. 

She looked around the room, hoping to see the tall brunette, because Nick wouldn’t break his promise, would he. When she couldn’t see him or any of her other friends, she started to panic. For the first time, in almost five years, she was accepted, she was love. The soft beeping sound from before, kept getting louder and faster, as she started to gasp for breathes.

The thoughts of Nick abandoning her, of being by herself again, it scared more, more than Steven ever did, more than he scared her now.

Hana could dimly feel the pain in her chest, along with the feeling of warm liquid rolling down her skin. At the moment she didn’t care, all she wanted, what she needed was to find Nick, Anna, Sam, Ethan, any of them. So she knew that she wasn’t abandoned, again. 

“She’s awake! Quickly, we need to give her an anesthetic,’ She couldn’t help, but flinch. The male, it was a male? Right. They just sounded like Steven, loud and angry, just not as drank.

“She’s panicking!”

“Her hearts rates going up!”

“My god, there’s so much blood!”

Sounds and sight started to get blurry, voices started to blend together, until she couldn’t hear one person from another. All she could concert on, was trying to get air to her lungs. Every breathe she took, coursed more pain, until her vision had dancing black spots.

Before the calm took her, and she couldn’t feel any more pain, the dark space didn’t look so scary, not like the first time she saw it at ten. It was the thing to take away her pain, and make sure she was never hurt again.

The last thing she could think about, before the space took her into its hold was. He had left her, they left her, but Nick was the one who betrayed her trust.


“She’s unconscious,” The nurse, Amy, shouted.

The beeping sound of the heart monitor, had very one worried. It was out of tone with each heartbeat, and was just out of normal order. It didn’t sit well with the older nurses, such as Eve and Elsa, who had children of their own. They hated it when a child passed and they know, there was some way to save them.

“Her heart is erratic!” Dr Cook shouted, he had joined the surgery, after showing Michael to his son “Get me a defibrillator! ASP.”

Once Eve had given Dr Cook, the defibrillator, he immediately started up the electric charge. If Hana’s heart didn’t calm down, she was going to flat line. The changes of coming back from a flat line, was five to ten percent, which wasn’t good odds, in a normal case, let alone this one.

“Clear!” Dr Cook shouted, the other doctors and nurse took a step back. There was a small jerk, but nothing else changed, and her heart rate was still at a worrying pace.

“Clear!” again, very things changed, he needed to keep trying, but he could only do it so many times, before her heart went flat line and Jasper was hoping that didn’t happen.

“Clear!” This time as the pads touched the girl’s bare skin, she lightly jerked. Her heart went back to a steady rate of sixty-seven per minute.

Dr Cook seeing that Shahana’s heart rate was back to normal, and she wasn’t going to flat line, now all they needed to do was start fixing her ribs, he told Michael the truth, but before they had to know how many where broken and which ones, before doing the surgery. Turning off the defibrillator, he turned to the others.

“Fix her ribs, before she wakes up… again. Someone get more anesthetic, just in case she does, it’s going to be long night.”

The others in the room nodded, before getting started on the surgery and stitching of the scar that started to bleed, the poor thing had lost a lot of blood because of it.

Jasper silently took a step back, to calm his own racing heart. Why did anyone think it was okay to-

“Dr Cook?” Nurse Cooper asked “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Nurse Cooper, nothing,”

“You’re worried,” She sighed a hand going through her greying hair, this job was stressful, that and having a teenage girl! She was surprised she didn’t turn hair before she was forty.

“Of course,” Jasper said, looking at the kind women in front of him.

“Don’t worry,” Eve told him, “I have a daughter only two years older than her, I still hate having to see someone so young, in this room.”

“She’s going to be in for, a hell of a night,” Jasper said, running his hand through his hair, paling even more.

“Children at that age are fighters,” Eve told “She’ll be alright, we’ve just got to hope.”   

The End

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