Chapter NineteenMature

Sam was sitting in his room, typing up his English report. Since, he was mute the only way; he could talk to his friends when they were home. Was by text or email, but mainly email. He didn’t like the book, they were studying.

The ‘Lord of Flies’ book, was, in Sam’s option, plain creepy. He still shuddered at the thought, of children being by themselves, and the reason behind it. How it showed, the morals and humanity can be lost so easily.

When a small sound, brought him out of his thoughts and back to his computer, it seemed he got an email from Anna. More likely than not, about new fashion ideas that she came up with, usually at others embarrassment, Sam was more than happy to laugh at what she came up with.

Sam, Nick called me. It’s not good news. Hana is at the Feather River Hospital. Hana was on the hill, where she told us about her sister. It seems her foster dad, he isn’t that, a monster, a demon in sheep skin. Hana was beaten half to death. The thing I’m trying to say is. Hana needs us, please come.

I’m pretty sure, we’ll need another person. To calm Ethan down. Why are we friends with someone with angry issues? Who knows. Hope to see you there. Anna.

For a while, all Sam could do was stare at the computer screen. Tears building up in eyes, before going down his check, he re-read the email, hoping that this was a joke, that he read it wrong.

The blue of his walls didn’t calm him down, he kept looking at the box Hana gave him. Since, she knew his love of planes; she drew him a picture as a pilot, flying one. Sam framed and put on his wall, he loved this gift, homemade gifts, where better than anything, you could buy at a store. When you make something, it showed how much you cared, no matter how good or bad it was.

He needed to be strong, for his friends and his pranking partner, also known as his partner in crime. He still remembered replacing the shampoo at Ethan’s place, with food dye. It was something Hana, thought of and it was funny seeing the boy with pink in his hair. Sam made sure to send Hana the picture. When he saw her, she was still laughing.   

Running out of his room and into the living room, where his parents were. Watching TV. He needed to get their attention, this was one of those times, where being mute was horrible. He started to try doing wild gestures and pointing to the door, but he gave up, when it wasn’t getting their attention.

So, he chose to walk behind the coach and tap their shoulders. It caused both of them to jump in fright and look at him. Normally, this would have been a funny sight, still was. But his partner in crime and best friend, was hurt and that was more important, it would always be more important.

“Sport, where’s the fire?” his dad, William, jokingly asked

“Sam, what’s wrong?” Camila asked, her green eyes glowing with worry.

“My friend, Hana.” Sam signed; well they were the ones to teach him American Sign Language, so they knew it.

“Your friend?” Camila asked “is it the one, who got you the food dye?”

“Will, I want to meet them,” William laughed “that was a good one,”

“She’s at Feather hospital,” Sam signed, giving his dad a blank look, it was funny for the first two weeks, but now, it was old. There were always new pranks to plan.

“William! Sam why she is at the hospital?” Camila asked pushing her husband.

“She was beaten, please, she needs me,” Sam gave her his infamous puppy dog eyes while he signed
“I need to be there.”

“Sam,” Camila said, turning the TV off “get a coat and anything else you need.”

Sam watched as his mum went into her room, before turning to his dad, who was doing the same thing.

“She’ll be fine, sport,” William told him “that hospital has the best doctors.”

For the twenty minutes, Sam didn’t sign. All he could so was think of some of the pranks Hana told him about. He was never more silent, in his life.  


The End

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