Chapter EighteenMature

Anna and her little sister –Ercilia- laughed as they watched their parents, try and dance to just dance. Try was the mean bit of that sentence, since Rana and Sepharina, kept stumbling over their own feet or each other.

Each time they ran into each other or met the colourful rug. Anna and Ercilia would laugh, and each time it would louder and longer than the last time. Till they couldn’t take it anymore, doubling over or rolling around the colourful rug in laughter.

“This isn’t funny,” Rama lightly scolded, although the small smile and the twinkle in his eye told a very different story, even he was finding it slightly funny.

“Your fathers right,” Sepharina said, trying to get back up, back only to fall, because of her long black shirt and long sleeved shirt “Although, I guess watching your parents landing on top of each other, would be funny.”

“Mum, you know if it was Grandma and Grandpa,” Anna said “You would be laughing as well, maybe even harder than we are, isn’t that right Peppy.”

“Stop using your sister’s middle name,” Sepharina scolded.

“Remind us, why we agreed to this?” Rama asked, as more giggling was heard from the light blue couch, of course the two were trying to hide them, behind their hands.

“Because I said it would be good bonding, and Peppy said it would be,” Anna told, pointing to her little sister, as she fixed her short white sleeved shirt.

“Fun,” Ercilia giggled, pushing her black hair away from her face.

Suddenly, Anna was off the couch and walking to the dining room and back, putting her hand under her chin “I’ve got an idea, Peppy.”

 “What, what is it? Sissy?”

“Clothes for dancing parents,” Anna said, spinning around, as her knee length pink shirt went with her, and she also showed more of her black leggings.


“But of course,” Anna joked, pulling Ercilia up and both girls started spinning around the large living room.  “they have to be designed, so they don’t trip.”

“Can I help?” Ercilia asked playing with her black skirt

“Of course, Peppy. Who else am I going to take over the fashion world with?” Anna giggled “Not Mum and Dad, that’s for sure.”

“I think it’s time, for some young ladies to go to bed,” Sepharina said, turning off the X-box 360.

“Do we have to?” Ercilia and Anna whined at the same time.

“Yes, Aashiyana and Ercilia, you do.”

“Dad?” Ercilia asked, giving her dad her big brown puppy-dog eyes.

“Don’t look at me, like that,” Rama said putting his hands up in a pacifying manner “Listen to your mother.”

Rana didn’t want to argue with his wife about what time, their daughters should go to be. Besides as his dad always told him: Happy wife, happy him, unhappy wife, run for the hills.

Ercilia groaned as she fell to the floor “But why mummy,”

“Because I said so,” Sepharina said as she watched Ercilia roll on the colourful rug and start to trace shapes from the colours.

“Fine, we’ll go to bed.” Anna said putting her hands up, when her phone rang.

“Don’t worry Anna,” Rama said, looking at his oldest daughter’s sheepish face, as she picked up her phone,

“Don’t make this a habit, young lady.” Sepharina told her, picking up Ercilia as the girl wasn’t moving from her spot.

“Thanks Mum, Dad.” Having permission to answer her phone, Anna ran into the kitchen, for a little bit of privacy.

“Hello, Anna speaking.”

“Anna, I have bad news.” Nick told her, sounding more tired than she had ever heard him.

“What’s wrong Nick?”

“No, Anna I’m fine,” Nick sighed “can you tell Sam, what I told you?”

“Of course,”

What Nick told her next, brought tears to her eyes, she covered her mouth as her phone dropped to the floor.

“Aashiyana,” Sepharina called “what’s wrong?”

“Sweet heart,” Rama said, walking into the kitchen “Who called?”

“It was Nick,”

“And what did he tell you?” Sepharina asked, if that boy hurt her daughter, she was going to make sure he regrated it, for the rest of his life.

“Hana, H-Hana,” Anna said “you remember Hana.”

“Shahana,” Sepharina said, nodding her head “I remember her, she read the story.”

“Her foster dad, he, he beaten her,” Anna cried, tears coming down her face.

“Anna, she’ll be fine,” Rama said, pulling his daughter into a hug “She’s strong, I haven’t met her, but from what you’ve told me, she’s a fighter.”

When Anna calmed down, for the second time “I need to tell Sam,”

“Okay,” Sepharina told her “then come down with a coat, we’ll leave for the hospital.”

Sepharina hated to see her daughter so upset, either one of them, and if seeing her friend was going to help her, then they’ll go to the hospital. Besides she was worried about the small girl, as well.

Anna quickly ran to her room, she felt that this was something she was to quickly do, for Nick and more importantly for Hana, she wasn’t going to lose her, like she lost Melisa. Her little sister needed her, and if it was Ercilia, she would do the same.

Please, be okay Hana. You have to be. Be the little fighter you always are.    

The End

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