Chapter SeventeenMature

“Mum, Dad,” Ethan shouted, as he walked through the front door.

“Yes, Ethan?” Adelaide asked, looking away from the board game that was on the coffee table, she and Christian were setting it up.

“I’ve got homework,” Ethan explained, putting his hands into his jean pockets “so is it okay, if I skip family night?”

“Of course son,” Christian said, looking away from the game pieces and to his son.

“That’s okay, Sweetheart,” Adelaide told him “we can have it tomorrow,”

“What are you and Dad going do to?”

“Don’t worry, Ethan, your dad and I will still play the game,” Adelaide said, crossing her arms over her chest “Now do your homework, or you’ll have to join us.”

Ethan looked at the game, and saw that it was Monopoly. He hated that game, he always lost to his Mum and when she wasn’t there, to his Dad. Homework, it was then.

“Thanks, but homework,” Ethan said, walking up the stairs to his room.


Ever since Hana, ran away from them in the morning, something hadn’t felt right, why would Hana lie to them? It’s been bugging him all day and Ethan tried to push it to the back of his mind. However no matter how he tried, the thought was still there and he was worried.

It was like one of those moments, when you recognise someone and their name is at the tip of your tongue, at the edge of your mind, but you still can’t remember it.

Groaning from his sore head, and from his headache, Ethan fell onto his bed. Covering his eyes with his hands, trying to block out his thoughts. He still had the History project, which no one seemed interested in, and didn’t want to do. They were about half-way through, but that wasn’t the point.

He also had a English test tomorrow and a book report. Reluctantly, he pushed himself off his bed and over to his desk, to do what he told his parents he was going to do, homework.


“Really,” Ethan muttered, to himself as he picked up the file that said ‘Bailey family’ and another that said ‘Makkitotosimew family’ “what’s the point of this?”

He still had another three files, titled ‘Sanders family,’ ‘North family,’ and ‘Chandrika family,’ so fair he has drawn the migration line for about three generations, it was easy since most of their family didn’t move around a lot. Hana’s easier, there was only two moves, one from South America to North America, when her father moved with her mother, and when her tribe ‘Cherokee,’ had move from the southeast to the West of the South America.     

“When are we going to need this?” He asked his wall “everything else I understand, this, not so much,”

Sighing, Ethan moved the History project to the top of his wardrobe and picked up his English textbook and novel. The one they had to read at home, - Ethan finished it about two weeks ago- despite the way he acted, he really did like to read.

The novel being ‘The lord of Flies,’ by ‘William Golding.’ It was about kids who end up stranded on an island, and most of them become savage, while the two main characters try to maintain order, by creating a civilization and government.

For the book report, you have to write about, what happens after the story ends, which is pretty easy, since the ending was left fairly open. The kids get recused, and all of them have mental and/or emotional breakdowns.

To be honest, the book left Ethan in tears, by the end of it. It was just a sad story, about what would happen, when there was no government to help people, but saying that. None of it, made Ethan want to write the book report. Grapping some paper and a pen, Ethan began to write he instruction and a summary of the story. When his phone started to ring.

“Who in the bloody hell is ring me? And at this time of night?” Ethan snarled as he answered his phone “This is Ethan Bailey’s phone, please leave a message after the beep, as he is doing homework. Beep!”

“Ethan? I know this isn’t your answering machine, or even your voice mail,” A familiar voice said

“Nick? What’s wrong? You sound like you’ve been to hell and back. You know it’s a school night right? I have homework to do,” Ethan said, sounding both concerned for his friend, but annoyed at being interrupted from his homework.

“I think being to hell and back, would have been better than what happened,” Nick sighed.

“What happened?”

What Nick told him next; –about what happened in the last few hours- had Ethan ready and wanting to throw his phone, into the wall. He had already thrown his English text and novel at the wall, in his angry.

“Nick, where the hell are you? What hospital?” Ethan’s breathing was hard, and he was seeing red. What he would give to see this ‘Steven’ person, and then he could show that bastard how good at kick-boxing he was, doing since was seven, for self-defence. Then he’d wish that he’d never messed with Hana, Ethan would make him regret hurting her, for the last few years.

“Ethan, I don’t think that’s a good idea,”

“What not?”

“You need to calm down,” Nick calmly told him, he didn’t want Ethan’s outburst to get any worse.

“What hospital?” Ethan shouted, louder this time. Why couldn’t Nick see or hear that he was worried?

“Ethan, honey, what’s wrong?” Adelaide asked, having opened her son’s bedroom door, to find him, yelling into his phone.

“Feather River,” Nick told him “We’re at Feather river,”

“Thanks,” Ethan said “I’ll be there in half an hour.”  Then Nick hang up, to more than likely tell Anna what happened.

He took a deep breath, before facing his mum “You remember Hana, right?”

“Who could forget her,” Adelaide said “Is she coming over?”

“No, she’s at Feather River hospital,” Ethan sighed “think you could take me?”

“Why is she in the hospital?”

“Her foster dad, he beat her half-to-death,” Ethan told her, his rage getting worse.

“Of course, I’ll get your father,” Adelaide said, tears in her green eyes “get your coat and we’ll go.”

“Thank you, mum,” Ethan said, putting on his jacket, running out of the door.

He had to be there, for Hana. She needed to know that life was going to be better.

Why did it hurt, whether he thought about Hana being hurt? He didn’t know and now wasn’t the time to find out.    

The End

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