Chapter FifteenMature

Michael Luna all, but ran through the doors at the hospital, hoping to see his adoptive son. Nick may have been eighteen, but that didn’t stop him from worrying for the last half-an-hour, when Nick didn’t come home. He was about to call a search party, when the hospital called.

At first he was worried, that Nick was injured, but Dr Cook told him that he was fine and was asleep, in one of the hospital’s private rooms. It was a relief to know, that Nick was okay, but when he asked why Nick was at the hospital, he felt bad.

It didn’t seem to be going well, for Nick. Since he was helping one of his friends, that he found, beaten half to death, but he couldn’t remember her name… it started with an ‘S’, oh that was it, Shahana. Through, when Nick told him about the young girl, he used ‘Hana’, must be a nickname or something. It seemed Nick; found the answer to his question, through it wasn’t in the way he hoped.

“You must be Mr Luna, Nicholas’ father,” A male’s voice said, pulling Michael out of his thoughts.

“Yes, you must be Dr Cook,” Michael said, looking at the young doctor “where’s my son?”

“Nicholas is fine, the last time I checked in on him, he was asleep. He was a bit stressed and had a bit of anxiety, although that was to be expected, after what he went through to help his friend.” Dr Cook told him, his warm browns glowing with happiness at the thought of what Nick did, to help his friend.

“And his friend?”

At the topic of the poor girl, who had only been at the hospital for about an hour, his face become drawn and dark “I’m not sure about the girl, Shahana. The doctors are still operating on her. She had five broken ribs, more than we first thought, and one of them, punctured her left lung. We got permission from the police to perform surgery on it. The burn on her stomach, will also need surgery and the doctors have reset her wrist.”

Jasper said all of this in a monotone voice, all of his emotion was blocked, because he knew that if he didn’t block them, he would go on a rampage to kill the person, that would ever harm an innocent, especially a child.  

Michael slowly nodded at the news, worried about Nick’s friend “And the police?”

“From what I understand, they’re going to arrest Shahana’s foster parent,” Dr Cook told him, a hint of angry in his voice, directed at this Steven person “They have enough proof, after what your son told me, and the pictures I sent them of her injuries.”

“Do you think I could see Nick?”

“Of course,” Dr Cook said “Why don’t I show you now?”

“I’d like that,”


Michael sat down on the chair, near the bed, where his son was sleeping. Anyone could tell how tired he was, just looking at the bags under his eyes. It was probably from the stress, of seeing a friend, who was beaten half-to-death. He gently put his hand on Nick’s forehead, happy that he was safe and sound, that he wasn’t kidnapped, like he first thought.

“Dad?” Michael jumped a little, both in surprise and shock by the sudden voice.

Nick didn’t see the surprise of his guardian, sitting up from his sleeping position, rubbing his eyes “What are you doing here?”

“Dr Cook called me, about what happened,” Michael told him, hoping that Nick could fill in the blanks, that Dr Cook didn’t know.

“Oh,” Guess he hoped for too much.

“Nick, so you think you could tell me, exactly, what happened?” Michael asked, crossing his arms over his lean chest.

Nick looked at the ground, biting his skin coloured lips, before starting to explain what happened at the hill, by the end of it, Nick was blinking tears out of his eyes.


“I should have known. I should have realized what was going on,” Nick yelled, putting his arms around himself.

“You couldn’t have known, no one would have, as long as Hana didn’t want anyone to know. No one would have,”

“But what kind of friend doesn’t realize when their friends get beaten at home?” Nick asked, tears coming down his checks and onto his shirt.

“Hana. Hana didn’t want you to know,” Michael told him, as he pulled Nick into a hug.

“Hana could have dead, tonight, and no one would have known,”

“But she isn’t. Nick, listen to me. You saved her; she’s still breathing because you helped her! Remember that son, you saved your friend.”

“Does she have to go back?” Nick asked

“I’m sure. Positive. That she won’t have to go back,”

“Thank you,” Nick whispered

“You’re welcome,”

And they stayed like that for the next five minutes, a father holding his son, both were thinking of the small girl. What she had to go through and why nobody saw it happening. It seemed that more and more people were getting away with child abuse, because the child was too scared to tell anyone.

Nick wondered what would happen to his friend, where would she go? He hoped that after everything she went through. That life might be kind for her, and she might have a better life.

Hana, I hope you’re okay Nick thought I promise that you’ll be okay.

The End

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