Chapter FourteenMature

“Hana!” Nick shouted as he tried to catch the small girl, only to completely miss as she landed on the ground.

Nick dropped down next to the unconscious girl, he feared that her injuries were worse than he first thought, and maybe he wasted too much time, that Hana had passed… No, Nick thought Hana’s strong, she’s strong willed, I have to believe that.

Nick tried to push the horrible thoughts out of his head, out of his mind. He checked Hana’s pulse, letting out a breathe of relief when he find it, weaker than normal, but it was there and that was the most important thing at the moment.

Now that he made sure Hana was still breathing, he could check the rest of Hana’s injuries. Something on Hana’s right arm got his attention, he wanted to throw up when he looked closer, among bruises and scratch’s, was a name that looked carved onto the poor thing’s skin, and it was her foster- no, he wasn’t her ‘Dad’ Nick thought, looking at Steven’s name blood related or not, no should do this to anyone.

Most of her brushes where in the shape of fists and feet, causing Nick to believe that this monster, had kicked and punched Hana, for what, he didn’t know and he didn’t want to know. Hana was bleeding from shallow cuts and Nick thought that it might have been done with a belt.

Finally Nick looked at her clothing, the sleeves were cut off and there was a giant hole where stomach was and it seemed it was the same with her shirt. Since the hoody wasn’t protecting her, he took if off and saw the burn mark on her stomach. Turning away, he quickly went over to a bush and throw up.    

How could anyone, do this to a CHILD or ANYONE for that matter Nick thought as the last of his lunch left his stomach especially to a sweet girl, like Hana.

Okay, even Nick had to admit that they were times Hana was a bit annoying, or that she sometimes takes a joke too far, but she was a child. No child deserved to be treated the way Hana had, and with the way she acted, Nick could only guess that this has been going on for a few years.

I’ve got to get her to the hospital, Nick thought as he toke off his jacket and ribbed the sleeve to his shirt, wrapping it around Hana’s right arm, where most of the bleeding was coming from. When Hana’s arm was wrapped, he put his jacket around her small form and carefully picked her up, trying not to jostle any of her injuries. It seemed  that it was impossible, since a light whimper of pain came from the unconscious female.

Nick walked as fast as he could, without casing Hana more pain, to the bottom of the hill, where he parked his car. He thought he was glad to be eighteen before, well he was wrong, he was very glad now. He might also want to thank his guardian for buying him a car for his birthday.

No matter how light or thin Hana was, Nick didn’t think he could carry her from the hill to the hospital, since it was a ten minute drive, but it took about forty minutes to walk there.

As soon as he got to his car, he immediately opened the passenger door –having left it unlocked- and placed Hana in the seat, making sure she was comfortable.

Nick quickly ran to the driver’s side, got in, and the started the car. He was still worried about Hana’s injuries, and the amount of blood she had lost.

“Don’t worry, Hana,” Nick whispered, as he started to drive to the road “It’s going to be okay, I promise, everything is going to be okay.”


Nick got to the hospital seven minutes, after leaving the hill, he didn’t know what speed, or how much over the limit he was, but he did know one thing, his guardian wasn’t going to be very happy about it. Since it took ten minutes, normally, but this situation wasn’t normal.

He didn’t give another thought, jumping out of his car, picking up Hana from the passenger seat. He shouted at passing doctors, hoping that one of them, would help him. He needed their help, well, Hana did, but the girl couldn’t ask for help, so Nick was going to.

Almost immediately, a young doctor, most likely in his late twenties, was at Nick’s side; his name tag read ‘Jasper Cook.’

“What’s going on?” Dr Cook asked, before noticing the unconscious girl in the boy’s arms “Dear lord, what happened?”

“Her foster dad had beaten her,” Nick explained, watching as hospital employees came, with what Nick guessed, was a stretcher.

“Dammit, these people keep getting worse,” Dr Cook muttered under his breath “How do you know her? Hand her over to me and I’ll take her to surgery.”

“I’m her friend from school,” Nick said, handing Hana over to the blond “I found her outside, freezing to death.”

“What injuries do you think she has?” Dr Cook asked, putting the small girl on the white stretcher.

“Um, burn on her stomach, brushes, broken bones such as her ribs, and her foster dad craved his name onto her right arm,” Nick told him. To him everything had slowed down, it was like he was in a tunnel and everyone around him was on the other side, leaving him all by himself.

“Get this kid in for a X-ray, her ribs might have punctured a lung or another organ,” Dr Cook, ordered the few medical stuff that came to help “Also, she’ll need a CT scan, a laser scan for the burn on her stomach and make sure the blood is still flowing. If I’m right, we’re dealing with Second-Degree Level B.”

“Oh,” Nick whispered as Dr Cook, turned to the other nurses and doctors.

“Use the ointments till we get an adult, Guardian or police officer, if that is the case, to agree to a skin-grafting surgery. Sew the cut on her arm and put ointment on it. Giver her pain medication. Now go!”

   The stuff went into the hospital with Hana, after Dr Cook’s orders. Planning the number of surgeries that the poor girl was going to have and most of them were praying that this girl would live.

Dr Cook turned his attention back to the boy, notching how his pupils had become more dilated, it wasn’t life threating, more than likely, out of shock after what had seen, what had happened to his friend. As much as Jasper hated doing this to anyone, he had to deal with this boy’s shock a little later. For now he had to find out the boy’s name, along with the poor girl’s.

“What are your and your friend’s names?”

“My names Nicholas,” Nick said as his mind started to clear a bit and he was bit more focused “Her name is Shahana Gwenelda Makkitotosimew, her foster dad’s name is Steven, I’m sorry, but I don’t know his last name.”

“That’s alright. Should I call your parents or Guardian?” Jasper asked rising an eye brow, wondering a bit about why would anyone let their child out at what? Nine at night.

“Dammit,” Nick shouted looking at his watch “I was meant to be home half an hour ago. Michael is going to kill me.”


“My adoptive dad of four years,” Nick slowly said, as the day finally started to catch up with him. “He’ll probably have a search party out by now, wondering where I am.”

“If you give me; you’re home phone and his mobile number. I can ring him for you. You however are going to sit down in one of the hospitals private rooms and relax. You look like you’re ready to collapse. I promise to come and tell you, if anything happens to Hana. Okay?” Dr Cook asked, already leading the boy into the hospital and in the direction of the private rooms, where he could sleep of his shock.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Nick told him, already half-asleep.

Dr Cook just opened the door and led the tired boy to the bed closet the door. Nick was gone to the world the second he was lying down; the events of the last hour or so, catching up to him.

Jasper slowly shock his head, as he ran a hand throw his dirty blond, shoulder length hair. This boy was very loyal to his friend, and that was rare to find. He sighed as he remembered that he had two calls to make; one to Michael and the other to the Police.

And here he thought Night Shift was going to be easy, for once.          

The End

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