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Hana felt all the air leave her lungs as she went down the wall, it left her gasping for breath. She knew that something was going to happen, as Steven rarely smiled and when he did, pain was always going to follow.

Looking at the man, the demon who made her life hell, and she knew that her life was going to be cut short. He was standing above her with a crazed expression on his face, and if anyone saw it, they would run in the opposite direction, hoping that he didn’t catch them.

“S-Steven,” Hana noticed something poking out slightly from his leg and her eyes widened in horror as she recognized what it was, a white-hot poker. This wasn’t going to end well.

“You really are a piece of shit,” Steven growled, grapping a fist full of Hana’s hair, dragging the screaming and kicking girl from the hallway to the living room “Shut up!”

Hana was worried when he paused, and got even more so when Steven removed his hand from her head. She understand what he was doing when he grabbed her arm and threw her into a wooden chair. He waved around the white-hot poker, it was almost as if he didn’t know that Hana had already seen it, and feared what he was planning to do with it.

“All you ever do is take up space, eat my food and waste my money. I don’t know why I let you stay, but since you’re going to stay…”

Steven started laughing, while Hana tried to get away from him, pausing herself into the wall. If there was something she never wanted to hear again, it was Steven's laugh. It was worse than nails on a blackboard, and it sounded like pure evil.

“Then that makes you mine, which means I have to show other people that you’re mine and you’re not going to leave my side,”

Oh no, please, please whoever’s up there, he doesn’t mean– Hana’s thoughts were cut off as Steven pressed the poker against her stomach, going through her hoody and shirt.

“You’re mine and you’re never leaving,” Steven shouted over Hana’s screams of pain, it was worse than being lased with a belt, dozens of times over. It felt as if someone was stabbing her over and over again, trying to make sure she didn’t live.

Hana clenched her eyes shut, trying to block out both the pain and Steven’s awful, horrible laughter. She didn’t noticed that the poker was no longer near her clothes or skin, didn’t see Steven’s smile, until –

“Open your eyes, you little slut.”

Something hit Hana in the face, causing her to fall into the floor. Slowly opening her left eye to see what Steven had used to hit to her, it was a belt. Steven had gotten the belt, with little pieces of metal that were put there for appearance, but in the wrong hands, could be used as a weapon of extreme pain.

Hana flinched when she heard the belt going cutting through the air, only to hit her right shoulder a second later and she hated that noise, the warning of what was coming, knowing that she couldn’t do anything to stop it, without causing more pain and grief. Metal dug into her skin, making her slightly bleed from the impact. Hana whimpered as he hit her again and again, pain following soon after.

“P- Please stop, please,” Hana begged as Steven put the belt on the couch, getting sick of using it. “Steven please, I’m sorry. I-”

“Shut up!” Steven shouted, starting to use his hands and feet to punch and kick her, and every single limb was used as a punching bag. Hana felt something snap in her chest, if her ribs weren’t broken, they definitely were now.

It lasted for another hour or two, maybe longer, and by then Hana was coughing, it felt like her ribs were rubbing together and tears were coming down her checks, onto her ripped jacket.

“Stop crying,” Steven growled, sometimes Steven would beat her this long, but never to this extent. When it was, it happened over a few days, not a few hours or minutes. “Little piece of shit.”

She was positive that her wrist was broken, a bone that Steven tried to avoid breaking because it was too easy to see, you know, what with school and Hana having to write every day.

“I said,” Steven growled, “stop crying.” as he slapped her across the face. Hana wanted the pain to stop, she had to chock back a sob that was dying to get out, but if she let it out, she would be dead.

Hana’s only hope was that Steven might accidentally, without noticing, knock her out and she wouldn’t feel the pain, it has happened before, a few times. Well, maybe more than a few, but let's not get into that right now.

The beating lasted another hour before Steven was bored, so he stopped. By the time that happened Hana was lying in a small pool of blood, her blood.

Hana saw Steven pulling out a small, brown army knife and she felt a small pain in her right arm. Well, small compared to what happened minutes before. She didn’t know what he did, and she didn’t want to know what he did.

Steven had snapped this time, Hana didn’t know why he snapped, but the thing she did know was that they was no telling what he could or would do. She watched as Steven stood up, taking a few steps back.

“Hm, I think I’m done with you, for the moment, but we’re going to have ‘fun’ later on, slut,” Steven soothed grabbing a can of beer, walking up the stairs to his room, leaving Hana on the floor.

When Hana heard the slam of Steven’s bedroom door, she rolled onto her stomach, which was very difficult and very painful, but she tried to make it as painless as possible as it could be with a broken wrist and multiple broken bones. Hana bit down before she could scream, before Steven came back down. Damn it to hell, but breathing and just moving in general hurts.

She wasn't going to wait for Steven to come back down and hurt her even more than he already had. She wasn’t going to be the victim anymore. Slowly pushing herself to her knees, she thought of her sister and what she would do.

If no one was going to save her, get her away from this hell, this living nightmare, and from the demon that she was stuck with, then she was going to have to do it herself, she’ll run and never come back, never look back. Nothing in this world was going to make her stay here. She choked back a sob as she got to her feet, leaning against the wall, getting her balance.

“Come on, Hana. You can do this, you have to do this. You’ve been through worse,” Hana whispered through clench teeth, slowly walking to the door, stumbling as she went “For Mum, Dad and Lila.”

When she reached the door, she flung it open, and without a second thought, she slowly made her way down the steps. The steps were the hardest part, with every step she could feel her ribs moving against each other.

They must be broken pretty bad, to hurt this much, Hana dimly thought as she continued on through the thick snow.


There was only one place, she could feel safe - the hill. The place she told her ‘friends’ about her sister, but forgot to tell them about her parents.

The whole story was that she, Lila and her parents had been in a car crash. When he saw the speeding car coming towards them, her dad, turned the car, so it would mainly hit him and his wife and not their two daughters in the back. 

They died on impact, Lila got away with a few brushes and Hana had a broken leg with minor cuts and brushing. The driver of the other car was drunk, and he got away with barely any injuries and a life sentence for murder.

Hana was only eight and Lila was fifteen.

Hana laughed an empty laugh when she saw the flat rock. When she got to it, she was freezing. Her hoody offered her no protection, since the poker had burned through it and Steven, for some reason, had cut off the sleeves.

Steven had finally lost it, he was now completely crazy, or maybe he was always this crazy, but Hana didn’t know and she didn’t care. All she knew was the fact that she might join her sister.

Lila was killed by animals and Hana was going to be killed by a person, the Makkitotosimew family must be cursed. Hana let herself fall onto the flat rock, pulling her legs to her chest. She wanted the pain to go away, to have someone project her, to get her away from her hellish life.

To be loved and have someone tell her that it was going to be okay. Hana knew that no one was going to come.

“Hana?” At least that was what she thought.           

The End

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