Chapter ElevenMature

The rest of the day wasn’t as bad as Hana thought it was going to be, well except PE, but then again she didn't have particularly high hopes. She was sure that Mr Conner thought she was lazy or something along those lines.

Mr Conner was a big man, bigger than Nick. He was a few months away from retirement, and Hana was scared of him at first, mostly because of his size, but she soon came to like the guy. Mr Conner’s humour was a lot like hers, he would joke about his blond hair and beard, the fact it was getting whiter as he got closer to sixty. Hana learned the one thing he hated was when people didn’t even try, but rather just gave up when they learned what the activity was.  

But she couldn’t tell Mr Conner that, it hurt to move. It hurt to breathe, which proved her theory about a few of her ribs being broken. So with that in mind, did she think that she could run or climb a rope? No, definitely not. Have you tried to run when your leg was almost broken and you more than likely had a few broken ribs? No? Well, let’s hope you never have to, because it hurts and when it hurts to breathe you know that won’t be able to do much. 

Somehow, Hana was able to avoid all of her friends, which thinking about it, was easy enough, because they only shared one class together and that was study hall. It also seemed fate was somewhat on her side today for once, since all of the seniors had a meeting about college or what they could do when they left school, and out of the teachers' hair. Hana was sure that most of them were happy about some of the seniors leaving. 

The reason, Hana knew that they had a meeting was because she passed the hall when she came out of hiding in the girl’s bathroom, located in the gym. Why was she hiding in the girl’s bathroom? To get away from the king of jerks. He and three of his friends would be staying back and trying senior year. Again.

It was sad, how they looked and acted like the stereotypical jocks, Hana sometimes wondered how they got past elementary or how did they live to get to this age? Since they were dumber than some kindergarteners she's met. Nature seemed to favour the stupid.

Besides them, you could tell who was going to college and who wasn’t. If they didn’t have super rich parents to bribe them in, they were going to college, and even then most of the time they just partied, got drunk, and/or got pregnant.

So, Hana was able to make it all day without running into Nick, Ethan, Anna or Sam. She would bet her life savings, if she had any, that they already know what happened this morning between her and Nick, and between her and Ethan.

The thing people learned about her friends, is that they keep very little hidden. If it had anything to do with someone in the group or if someone was in trouble, they would know. Like when Anna had trouble with a group of boys harassing her, she told Nick, who in turn told Sam and Ethan. The point was they didn’t hide much, besides sensitive topics, like their family history. Hana didn’t know what happened to them, but they left Anna alone, so she didn’t care much. It peaked her curiosity, but that was about it. 

The thing that surprised her, was the sadness of not seeing them all day. She was glad that she could, but also sad, if that made any sense. Throughout the day she wondered what they would do and how they would react if she told them about Steven, and the abuse she suffered at his hands. Would they help her? Rat her out to Steven? Turn their backs on her? Or would they just not care and leave her in the dust?

Roy told her it was more likely the third or fourth option. After all, she spent four years living with that demon, and not a single person seemed to care or even know what he did to her, and the ones who she did tell thought she was lying. So why would anyone start caring now? If she lived or died, healthy or sick, nobody knew and no one cared and in Hana’s mind, it was going to be like that for the rest of her life.

She was tired of it, tired of living in fear, but no matter how much she was tired or used to it she got. She still got shivers down her spine whenever, she saw the broken fence of her ‘home’.

The scent of beer was stronger than it was yesterday, which was saying something, since Steven had passed out by three. Hana found him when she came home from school, on the living room floor, so she had to move him, up the stairs and into his bed. Thankfully he didn’t wake up, no matter how many times Hana almost dropped him.

She slowly and carefully looked into the room. Beer cans and bottles littered the floor, and cigarettes were in ash trays that were almost full. The room smelled worse than a dead body, and it looked like a crime scene waiting to happen. This was normal, but what wasn’t normal was the fact that Steven wasn’t in his dirty, ripped up arm chair. He always was, his truck was in the driveway, so he didn’t go to the pub, unless he walked and that never happened, because Steven was lazy and never did anything that involved him moving. So where was he?

“Steven, I’m home,” Hana frowned as she called out into the ‘empty room’, she didn’t get to step into the room when without any warnings, she was being slammed into the wall. Steven’s dark brown eyes staring into hers, as he smiled with corked and broken teeth.       

“Worthless piece of shit!”

The End

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