Chapter TenMature

“Nick, everything’s fine,” Hana said, trying to walk around Nick, but he just blocked her path with a red clad arm, gently pushing her back into her spot in front of him.

“Hana, look at me,” Nick gently ordered, something was wrong and whatever it was, Hana wasn’t going to tell him willingly.

“Why?” Hana asked taking a few steps back, preparing to leave as quickly as possible. Why did he have to find her when they were in front of the school?

“Hana, hood. Down. Now!” Nick hated having to force Hana to do something, since the girl was so guarded, but something was off and he couldn’t her until he knew what was wrong.

“Why should I?” Hana said hating the fact Nick was taller than her, and a lot stronger than she was.

“Hana, please,”

“Please what?” Hana said looking for an exit, she knew no one was going to help her, they were more likely to laugh than to help.

“Let me help,” Nick said throwing his hands in the air, why would Hana just tell him.

“Help? How can you help,” Hana said in pure disbelief, but the hope in her heart grow and she had to stop herself from telling Nick what was wrong.

“My dad’s a cop,” Nick said his worry was growing, was someone stalking her? Giving her death threats? “Please. I can help.”



“You’re not my mum nor are you my dad,” Hana said “when your people came to our land, it was not with open arms, but with Bibles and guns and disease. You took our land. You killed us with your guns and disease, then had the arrogance to call us godless savages. If there is a heaven and it is filled with Christians, then hell is the place for me.”

Hana decided to go while Nick was still shocked, ducking under his arm. She ran away from the red clad senior. The quote that Hana used was one she often used to get away from ‘white’ people, or the ones that took over her people’s land and killed who lived here, just because they didn’t believe in what they believed.

Running away from Nick was probably a bad idea, if he didn’t think anything was wrong, he would now. That was something Hana could worry about later, but at the moment she had to get away from him, also Hana was started to think of ways to explain her black eye and split lip. That was only if Nick caught her.

When Hana ran into the building she didn’t stop, nor did she know if Nick was chasing after her. It didn’t matter that her leg was begging for her to stop, and that her ribs felt like they were rubbing against each other. It was too risky to stop and have Nick catch up to her. Just as she turned the corner she ran into something hard… or someone, if the grunt was anything to go by.

Landing on the ground with an ‘oomph’, Hana wasn’t aware of her hood falling down and showing her bruised face to the world. The person she ran into was lucky and it seemed they weren’t even moved.

 “Hana,” He said in shock and Hana knew that voice.

“Ethan,” She said as she looked at the tall brunette.

“What happened?” He calmly asked, but she could see the shock in his green eyes.

“Nothing ha-”

“Hana, wait,” Nick shouted as he jogged around the corner, stopping as Ethan started to pick Hana up and carefully started to put her on her feet.

“Hey, Nick,” Ethan said, making sure that Hana was standing up straight and she wasn’t going to fall down again when he removed his hands.

“What’s going-” Nick light brown eyes widened as he saw Hana’s face. Her left eye was so swollen that it was almost completely shut and it was also darker than her skin. Her lip was open, a cut running clean through. “What happened?”

“That’s what I asked,” Ethan told him, stepping back as Nick went into what he called his ‘mother hen’ mood.

“Just some bullies,” Hana muttered using the lie she came up with as she was running, “And I may have fallen over.”

Even though she had to do it, it hurt to lie to Nick, to Ethan, or to any of her friends. After all Nick had done for her. Trying to help her fit in and make friends she could rely on.

Despite all that, here she was lying to his face. Hana still clung to the hope of someone saving her, but at the same time, she was scared of someone finding out. She didn’t want their pity and the looks they would give her if they knew.

Hana was scared of Nick turning his back on her, to her it wasn’t worth the risk and that was the reason her hope of being saved and of being loved diminished every day.

“That wasn’t done by a bully or falling over, mate.” Ethan said, picking up her dropped school bag, thinking about what his dad told him on Saturday and how it might be true, but how could he help her, what did he say? By being there and not pushing it.

“It really was,” Hana whispered

“Shahana,” Nick said as Hana went to get her bag from Ethan, it had the book her dad wrote for her, it had different stories from different tribes, “What really happened?”

Hana was shunned, the only reason any one bothered to say her full name, besides Anna’s mum, was because she was in trouble.

“It was just some bullies, no one did this to me,” Hana said slowly walking backwards from the taller males, “I don’t need your help. If I did I would ask for it.”

Nick stared at Hana’s retreating form, she couldn’t have gotten this worked up if it had just been some bullies, would she. Telling Ethan his concern and what had happened before Hana ran into him.

“Something’s wrong,” Ethan said, “and she was talking about when England first came to America.”

“I agree with you Ethan,” Nick sighed leaning against the lockers, “But I don’t know what.”

“Maybe it was just a bully,” Ethan suggested, “We don’t know what her home life is like.”

“Your point is?” Nick asked raising an eyebrow at his friend.

“Economy sucks at the moment,” Ethan sighed, he would know as well, since his family was only middle class, “Especially for middle and lower class families, she might be stressed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Not really,”

“I don’t think,” Nick sighed, his hand going through his thin hair, “That she’d tell us.”

“Nah, mate,” Ethan growled, heading to his first class, “Give it time.”

“I hope you’re right, Ethan.”

“You’re not the only one.” 


The End

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