Chapter FiveMature

Hana groaned as she walked through the heavy rain, putting her bag over head in hopes of staying even a bit dry. She had just gotten out of detention with Mr Engels, which turned to be as nice as talking to the man. It was his fault that she was walking in the rain, or at least walking in the worse of it. Why was it his fault? He thought it would be a good idea to keep her in another ten minutes for her disrespect. In fact she left about five minutes ago and already was saturated to the bone.

Maybe, just maybe wearing skinny jeans and a jacket was a bad idea. She should have watched the weather channel or checked online and she might have brought a rain coat or something.

With every minute that passed it seemed like the rain was getting heavier, until it just seemed like a giant wall of water. Hana wished that she could make this day go away, that she would wake up and it would just be a dream and none of this happened, but knowing her luck, that it would only get worse as time went on. Ten minutes later she was at her home, more like the house she lived in, because this wasn’t her home.


“Wonder why we have to collaborate with the sophomores?” Ethan asked as he and the others went to room, 26A.

“No idea,” Anna said as she tried to stay out of every ones way, she didn’t want to be bumped into and that was hard enough with her height, let alone being in a classroom that was already full.

“Hey,” Nick said walking behind Anna, stopping everyone from walking into her and into him, not that he cared “isn’t that Hana?”

And sure enough in the middle row was the darked haired girl, with her head resting on her arms, looking at the front of the room with a bored expression on her face.

“Class, your attention please.” Mrs Moore yelled to her and Mr Lee’s class.

In an instant everyone was quiet. While Mrs Moore was one of the kind teachers and was mainly liked by the students, it didn’t stop her from being scary when she was annoyed or mad. If you’re the person that she’s mad at… well, you better start running for the hills.

“You must be wondering why you’re in the same classroom. Since you’re all in different year levels, I’ll get to the point. In groups of about five and no more, you’ll be researching your ancestry, where they came from and who they were. You’ll also need to draw maps showing where they migrated.”

At the end of it, Mr Lee instructions, he had to yell over the commotion. Shouts of happiness, angry and disrespect, to both student and teacher, filled the air.

“Silence,” Mrs Moore yelled, making the room quiet again.

“Thank you,” Mr Lee sighed “Now get into groups and tell when of us, so we can write it down.”

Immediately Nick, Anna, Sam and Ethan went to sit with Hana, since the limit was five and she was the only sophomore that they knew. It also seemed that they were the only ones to talk to the girl.

“Hey,” Hana whispered looking at the group when they sat in front of her.

“Are you okay?” Anna asked, seeing how pale she was, well as pale as Hana could get. She placed a hand on Hana’s forehead.

“I’m fine,” Hana wheezed “a bit tired, I might have a cold.”

“Why would you say that?” Anna asked, Sam nodding in agreement.

“Walked in the rain,”

“Why did you walk in the rain?” Nick asked looking at Anna as she fussed over the girl.

“Detention. By the time I was let out, it was raining.”

“Why didn’t you call you parents?” Ethan asked, crossing his arms “to pick you up.”

“They’re busy,” Hana shrugged “I don’t have a phone.”

“Fair enough,” Ethan sighed “Why don’t we start this project.”

The rest of the day had gone pretty well. Hana didn’t see her bullies all day, she was sure that they’ll be back the next day. She was more than happy to forget about them, for now at least. Sadly, nothing could calm her nerves as she went to her favourite spot. It was one of the only reasons she loved this place.

It was the forest that surrounded the place, more importantly the clearing that was at the edge of town. It just looked like the place she grew up. It was the only place she could feel at peace and with nature. It also had the perfect view of the town and a bit beyond it.

Hana didn’t know what would happen when she told them what happened and the reason behind why she couldn’t swim. Sighing at the thought she walked through the short grass and flowers to the flat rock, all she had to do was wait for the others.

Before long they were walking up the hill and to her. It seemed that most of them brought food and drinks.

“Okay,” Ethan said, as he put his bag down “We’re here.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Nick said “But our parents gave us food.”

“No problem,” Hana said, as she looked at Sam who signed ‘Of course we’re going to share it’    

“Any time you’re ready,” Anna said, pulling Hana into a hug.

Hana sighed “It was four years ago, during Winter…”      


The End

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