Chapter FourMature

Hana pulled her bag and jacket closer to herself when a cold gust of wind passed her. It had snowed last night, but hadn’t continued until the morning. It left only enough to have a cold breeze and lots of snow and ice, but not enough for a snow day, which Hana was hoping for, so she didn’t have to deal with the principal, Mr Engels. Hana knew that Nick had tried to tell him that she was being bullied, and could guess what the reaction was. She sometimes didn’t know which was worse, being at home or at school.

She also didn’t know who was worse Steven or Mr Engels; both were pretty up there when it came to how much they hated her. Before the dance yesterday, he’d told her that he wanted her in his office at recess the next day. She didn’t have a good feeling about it, not with the face Sam and Nick were pulling; it looked like the two were close to punching him out.

The dance was great and none of her ‘friends’ brought up what happened at the pool, but she knew that they were going to ask. Sooner or later they would and she had no idea what she was going to tell them. Her sister was braver than her and wou-

“Hana,” Someone shouted pulling her out of her thoughts, without looking back to see who it was she speed up, quickly heading in the direction of the school.

She only stopped when a hand was gentle put on her shoulders. Hana slowly turned around, at first thinking it was one of her bullies, but instead she was face-to-chest with Nick.


“Why did you speed up, when I shouted your name?” Nick asked raising his left eyebrow and tilting his head slightly to the left.

“I thought…” Hana whispered looking around for someone to help her, but it seemed it was only her and Nick out “It’s not important.”

“It’s about what happened yesterday?” Nick kindly asked, looking at the street “Isn’t it?”

Hana just meekly nodded her head, looking at her white sneakers, which were suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.

“It’s alright, Hana,” Nick said taking his hand of Hana’s shoulder, causing the girl to hold her bag closer to herself “Everyone gets bullied at some point in their life, more so in high school than anywhere else.”

“It’s not that,” Hana whispered

“Then if it’s about the fact you can’t swim,” Nick frowned at the thought, it was good that they knew, but he hated the way they found out “Not everyone can swim and some can barely do so.”    

“It’s not just that,” Hana’s voice was now barely above a whisper, a hidden sadness passed through her eyes, before disappearing as quickly as it came.

“Then what’s wrong?” Nick tired again; hoping that this time Hana would tell him what was wrong and stop this game of beating around the bush. 

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Hana said, taking a few steps away from Nick, walking to the school before he could say anything else, which was only two blocks away.

Nick easily caught up with the petite female with his long strides “Why don’t you want to talk about it?”

“I just don’t want to,”

“Why not? You can trust us,” Nick said, he didn’t know if that was going to help.

Hana didn’t need to ask who was ‘us’, she already knew “Trust,”

“Yes, sometimes you need to trust others and know that they’ll be there for you,” Nick said looking into her doe-like eyes “No one can hold the world on their shoulders, sometimes they need a little help. Or you end up like Ethan.”

“Like Ethan?” Hana asked wondering how Ethan came into the conversation “Why?”

“Ethan doesn’t share a lot,” Nick said with a shrug “Just talk to me or Anna.”

“Maybe I don’t want to,” Hana snapped, hugging her bag tighter looking at the worn blue materiel “Maybe it’s something I can’t talk about! Maybe you should stay out of my business and leave me alone!”

Before Nick could so anything to stop her, or before he could say another word, Hana was off sprinting to the school leaving a shocked Nick behind. Nick just stood there, stunned beyond all words, he didn’t see that coming. This was something he would have to tell the others, something was wrong and it saddened him, that Hana wasn’t able to tell him.

Hana only stopped running when she was safely in the school yard and near the main building. She doubled over panting from the unusual and sudden sprint.

“I really need to exercise more,” Hana whispered to herself walking into the main building. She didn’t want to run away from Nick, no matter how much he annoyed her. It was just something she didn’t want to talk about and he was trying to make her do just that.

Going straight to her locker, just in case she ran into someone else, pulling out the books she needed for the first two sessions. History and math, heading to her first class she knew that it was going to be a bad day.


Hana was right about it being a bad day. She had forgotten to bring her homework for history and math, which lead to her getting in trouble with the teachers. Again. It was the same for most of her other classes as well.

The meeting with Mr Engels was horrible. All he ended up doing was yelling at her, before sending her out. Most of her lunch was spent hiding from her bullies. When they did find her a little before the last bell, they pushed her harshly to the ground, scraping her hands in the progress, taking what little homework she remembered to bring. Hana was graceful that they didn’t true pushing her into the pool again.

“Oh well, can’t be worse than yesterday,” Hana muttered to herself while she washed off blood and dirt from her hands. “Great, now I’m going to be late.” She whispered when the bell went for class.

Sadly, Hana was right again, but this one wasn’t a person to give out warnings, giving her a lunch detention for the next day and making her stay back another five minutes without giving her a note to explain why she was late to her next class.

Hana groaned as she walked to her next class. The only good thing, about this was the fact that no one was in the halls and that was the only good thing about today. It wasn’t going to get better and she knew that. Worst. Day. Ever. Taking a deep breath, before she opened the class room door, immediately the room went quiet when she walked in.

“Ahh… Ms Gwenelda, I see you finally decided to grace us with your presence.” Mr Black said when Hana walked to his desk.

“Sorry, my last teacher kept me in.”

“Where’s your note?”

“She didn’t give me one.”

“Uh huh,” It was a clear fact that Mr Black didn’t believe her “Take a seat and do some work.”

“Yes sir,” Hana muttered going to the back of the room, far away from everyone else and much to Hana’s shock, they didn’t look up from their homework.

Maybe they finally gave up on making me their friend Hana thought and much to her surprise this saddened her, maybe she was hoping to have one friend in this school. Hana shock her head as she thought No, you don’t need friends, you’ll be leaving soon enough anyway. She leaned down and took her history book out of her bag pack, might as well do homework, right?

It wasn’t even five minutes when Mr Black said “I’ve got to go to the teacher’s lounge to make some copies, so stay in yours seats, no talking.” With that Mr Black stood up and left the classroom.

Of course no one listened to his rules. Hana had been hoping the others would follow them, but this was horrible day and it seems fate loved laughing in her face. As soon as Mr Black’s footsteps disappeared everyone stood up and walked over to her, sitting at the desks that surrounded Hana. She groaned and placed her head in her hands. Wonderful.

“Hana, put your hands down.” Nick tried to pry Hana’s hands away from her face, to no avail.

“Leave me alone and go back to your seats, you heard what Mr Black said.” Hana muttered, her voice was slightly muffled by her hands.

“Not going to happen, mate, we want an explanation about yesterday and why you yelled at Nick, than ran away. Now, and we’re not leaving till we get one.” Ethan demanded, leaning over the desk and staring Hana in the eye, making her blush –not that you could tell.

“Well, you’re going to be waiting a long time then, ‘cause I’m not going to tell you.” Hana leaned on her chair with her hands above her head.

“Hana, can you tell us, we know something’s wrong, you get aggressive whenever we ask, you’re hiding something. Just tell us.” Anna begged

Sam lifted up his notebook at the moment and it read

Yeah, tell us Hana. We only want to help, but we can’t unless you let us in. We’re friends; you don’t have to keep everything hidden from us. You can trust us.


Hana sighed “You really aren’t going to drop this, are you?” The four friends gave Hana a look that clearly read: what do you think? “Fine then, go to the hill overlooking the town, right at the edge of the forest, tomorrow night at eight and I’ll tell you.”

“You’re actually going to tell us the whole thing?” Ethan asked, happy, that it was happening, not entirely trusting that Hana would actually be there tomorrow.

“Yep and it will be the only time, so you better come.”

Nick was beaming at Hana “Of course we will be there, we did ask after all.”

“I can hear Mr Black coming back.” Anna whispered urgently “Everyone back to your seats.”

In a second everyone was back in their seats, – Hana never moved - making it seconds before Mr Black entered the room. After surveying the room Mr Black asked “So you have been in your seats this whole time, not talking?”

“Yes, sir.” Four voices answered simultaneously.

Mr Black nodded, accepting the answer before going back to his work missing the smile they shared before going back to their homework.       

The End

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