Chapter 1Mature

Anna, Ethan, Nick and Sam were all normal seniors when a new girl comes into the school. Hana is hiding something from them, can they find out her deadly secret before it's too late.

Shahana let out a huff of air as she continued to walk down the crowed hallways. She hated crowds or large groups of people, absolutely hated them - she always felt like she was suffocating in them or drowning… No, you will not go there! Shahana scolded herself. She quickly shook her head and made her way to the study hall, where her next class was.

Shahana or Hana as she prefers –thank you very much- had Physics, Trigonometry, AP English III, World History, P.E and then Study Hall. It was her first day at this school and already she was on the bad side of three of her teachers, she was very smart as she skipped a grade, she chose not to show it, which the other two teachers had realised… well, they were smarter than the other three, that’s for sure.

When she finally reached the study room hall - 45A - she took a deep breath, knowing full well that was going to be introduced as the new kid… again. Opening the door she looked around to see how many where in this class: she saw only four students.

Wow… small class, she thought, walking over to the teacher.

“Ah… you must be Shahana Makkit-” The teacher said, trying to say her last name “I’m sorry, how do you say your last name?”

“It’s Ma-kk-i-to-to-si-mew, but you may use Shahana Gwenelda… my last name is hard to say.” She told him, not many could say her last name and if they could… well besides her family she hasn’t meet anyone who could. She and her sister would let the school use their middle name like their last name, since they were easier to say.

“So you’re Shahana Gwenelda?” He asked again.

“Yep, the one and only.” Snarky comments were the only way to get by.

The teachers smile slipped a fraction… before becoming even bigger “Well… my name is Mr Black.”

With that he led Hana to the front of the class. “Class this is our new student Shahana. Is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

“No.” She replied and this was her answer for that question… every time she was asked.

“Yes… well then, why don’t you take a seat, Shahana and get some work done.” With that he left Hana to survey the other students.

Sitting at the front row was a big kid… and not fat big, but muscle big, who had to be a Senior. He had brown hair that went to the end of his ear and was slightly curled. His light brown eyes were surrounded by lightly tanned skin. He looked like someone who played football and he… was tall, but to be fair Hana was short, only about 149cm tall. He was wearing a plan black sweatshirt and jeans with some kind of red hat. She herself never liked hats, and he might have, sort of, scared her… really scared her.

That’s a no for places in arms reach of him.

A row and three seats to the left of him was a girl who looked to be a Junior, but she held herself like a Senior. It didn’t matter since she was wearing the weirdest outfit Hana had ever seen someone wear. Her ash blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail and that was higher than most people wear it. She was wearing a hot pink dress that went to her knees, with a blue vest thing thrown over the top of it and over that was a thick black belt. Pink leggings with black high heels, not as high as Hana sees on most girls, but higher than any she had worn –which is none, high heels are bad for your feet- she also had a ton of jewellery - earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. While Hana doubted anyone else would have been able to pull the outfit off, it looked very nice with her tanned skin and dark brown eyes, but it was far too flashy for her taste.

Next was some guy… who once again had to be a Senior… and who scared her. He had some kind of bandana around his head, making his light brown hair stick up at weird angles, tanned skin and bright green eyes. He was wearing fairly normal cloths; a white T-shirt and black jeans. She knew that she shouldn’t have been scared of him, but the guy looked like he was read to punch someone’s lights out and not at all someone who would find any of her jokes funny.

Sitting at the very back of the class was the last kid in the class, one Hana couldn’t guess what year he was in, for all she knew he could be a Senior, Junior or Sophomore. He had dirty blonde hair and perched on the top of his head was a pair of pilot goggles. Wrapped around his pale neck was one of those scarves that pilots wear for high altitudes. Other than that he was fairly normal… well, at least more normal than the other three and was about her height, if not a little taller. Her decision was made she went to the back of the room and sat next to him.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Hana asked, looking at the kid. The guy looked her, but he did say anything.

“Are you going to answer?”

No answer.

“He’s mute you idiot.” A shout came from the front of them. Looking up it was the guy with the ‘head band’.

“Mute?” While she didn’t know a lot about these things… she was pretty sure mute meant you didn’t or couldn’t talk.

“Yeah mute.” With that the guy went back to doing whatever it was he was doing.

A small tug on her jacket pulling Hana’s attention back to the kid who was handing her a note, a little bit shocked she took and read

Hi! My name’s Samuel, but you can call me Sam all my friends do.

Oh, and by the way ignore Ethan, he’s always grumpy.

Hana smiled “Hi, I’m sorry about not knowing that you were mute and if I call you Sam you have to call me Hana.”

That’s fair; also I didn’t expect you to.

“Okay… are you two friends?” She asked pointing to the guy in front of them, who was named ‘Ethan’.

Yep, me and Ethan are friends, along with the others in this room, Anna and Nick.

We met as freshman and have been friends ever since.

Hey, what are you? Freshman, Junior, Sophomore?

“Sophomore… second year of high school… yippee.” She shouted in fake glee; the last part was unfortunately heard by Mr Black.

“Ms Gwenelda, I recommend that your stop talking and get to work, now.”

“Yes, Mr Black, sir.” With that Hana grabbed her homework and began to work on it, completely ignoring the rest of the occupants in the room.


“So what do you think of the new girl?” Anna asked Nick as they walked out of the high school.

“She’s just some trouble maker, I heard three of her teachers talking about how they were going to have to keep an eye on her.” Ethan growled through clenched teeth.

“Now, now, Ethan, give her a chance. She’s new here; she doesn’t seem like someone who is trouble, just someone trouble is attracted to. Seemed a little scared of me through.” Nick mused.

“That’s because she’s so small and you’re so tall.” Anna told him, tapping him on the arm “how about you Sam? Do you like her?”

Sam nodded his head, he liked Hana a lot. He could tell she would be a lot of fun to be around and to hang out with, while the others didn’t know it… he was a prankster at heart and it seemed Hana was too, if they knew… they’d be very worried.

“Hey, isn’t that Hana?” Ethan asked pointing across the courtyard. Shielding his eyes from the sun Nick looked towards where Ethan was pointing, “Why is that?”

Hana was walking at brisk pace, her black hair flowing behind her, it seemed she was in a hurry to get somewhere.

“Why don’t we follow her?” Ethan asked, already walking in the dark skinned girl’s direction.

“Ethan! We can’t follow her, that’s rude!” Nick never liked the idea of spying on the new kid… or anyone for that matter, he understood that someone might not want their home life known.

“Too bad Nick, I’m doing it.”

Sighing, Nick knew there was nothing that would change Ethan’s mind, why did he have to be so stubborn. He motioned for the others to follow Ethan and thus they started to spy on Shahana Gwenelda.

Surprisingly enough she didn’t head home, but to the local elementary school and even more surprising than that the kids and teachers welcomed her as if she had done this before. The four friends spend the next half-hour watching Hana play with the elementary school kids, giving them horseback rides, pushing them on the swings, helping the older kids learn how to shoot a basketball. None of them were expecting this.

“She spends her free time playing with elementary school kids.” Ethan was in shock, he had expected to learn something that he could use as leverage if she ever decided to cross him, but this… he couldn’t use this, she was doing something… nice.

“I think it’s lovely that she spends her time playing with children,” Anna said, smiling her famous bright smile “Don’t you think so Nick?”

“Yes it is very nice… now that you found out what Hana does in her spare time - playing with children - why don’t we go home?” Nick asked

Ethan begrudgingly agreed and soon they were leaving the elementary school for their homes… all of them were wondering what other tricks the girl had up her sleeve.         







The End

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