I grinned at the man who had challenged me. The man who was now white.

"You should really get to know your opponent before challenging them you know, but I'll forgive you. How were you to know that you were being so rude to a Priestess of the Rahu?" I knew that I was being horrid, but I couldn't hold myself back from laughing at his expression. "I can tell that you know of us, you stupid man. First you insult my femininity and then you insult my skills as a fighter. You have two choices now you insolent, ignorant, barbarian. You can either beg for the mercy that I may or may not show you, or you can fight me and suffer the consequence."

He didn't move. He looked at his men uneasily. That was when I knew I had him trapped.

"Your men will think no less of you if you ask for my mercy. Better to know who you're fighting and back down, than to try to stand against me and die.

"You know" he started "I don't really like you."

"That's alright, not many people do." I smiled at him "So what will it be?"

"I challenged you. I can't not fight you!"

"So be it. Aratada." Once again my smakes slithered, the dragon turned it's head and grew so that our faces were one. My runes aranged themseves into lines of coded magics. This didn't have the same effect as before, however. Richard Savage smiled at me as though I had pulled out a bow, but no arrows.

"You were right you know." he smiled "I do know quite a lot about your people. I know that you use magic. I know that you are a warrior people. I also know that Priestesses aren't well trained in combat. I know that you need a power source for your magic, and that it appears as though yours is the fire. You're all talk.

The End

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