I was woken by an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. My eyes snapped open and I was fully aware of my surroundings. I cursed myself for not getting out of the woods sooner. It was a dangerous place to be followed. I stood and adjusted my coat, my pack slung over one shoulder. The wind that had earlier been so warm and friendly was now a harsh symphony that made the leaves rustle unpleasently around me. I walked on, knowing that they would follow me only if i pretended that they didn't exist. They. More then one. I continued walking the treacherous paths of the forest for what seemed like hours. Thoughts, no longer rushing, swirled slowly and composed through my mind. How many are there? What do they want with me? Are they good fighters?  Still I walked on. I could see a clearing up ahead. I was there in a matter of minutes. Stepping out from the cover of the trees, the suns warmth rolled over my skin. I stopped. No one had come near me, yet I knew that they were there ... waiting. I sat in the sun in the center of the clearing, no longer afraid of the people who I knew were surrounding me. As the minutes trickled by, I could feel them getting restless. They would soon show themselves to me. I took off my jacket and laid my pack on top of it. It was as if the earth itself held her breath. She waited for something, anything, to happen. I began to stretch. I relished in having thesepeople on edge, even if they thought that it was the other way around. I started the routine that I practiced every day. Only managing to get to my more basic kicks before the bushes started to rustle. There was no wind. I almost smiled, but didn't. I finished my routine that had barely even started and walked back to my bag. Nothing. I put on my jacket. Nothing. I took  out an instrument that seemed to be about the size of my palm. The bushes stirred. A single thought passed through my mind.

 'So it begins.'

I turned around and called "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

The End

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