My legs grew stronger then they had been for hundreds of years. My face was tanned but also burned and peeling. I was greatful that the shoes I was wearing were surdy. Where most would have worn thin, mine were strong as ever. My supplies were meager and I knew that I would soon have to start hunting. I disliked the idea, but if it was my only means of survival then so be it. But for now I had enough stock to last me three more days.

Looking up at the sky I realised that it must be midday. I put down my bag and removed my jacket. It was long and heavy. Impractical. Wearing only my black pants and white sleeveless shirt, my practice began. I started with the slow movements of self-control as always, moving up into the kicks and punches that would outdo even the most skilled fighter. I practiced ballance and concentration. I was pleased with myself. I knew that I was a deadly opponent.  As skilled without weapons as I was with. I would practice my swordsmanship later.

I settled down for a lunch of herbs and bread. It was late afternoon. I ate quickly. I would have to walk at a good speed if I wanted to make decent progress. So I did. Picking up my bag and putting on my coat, I jogged. I made much faster progress and kept myself healthy that way.

  As always, the moon came much too quickly. I wished for daylight to last longer, but it was not I who controlled such things. On this night though, after almost two weeks in the forest, the moon was not covered by cloud nor by trees. It was bright as anything, and lit the forest with a silver glow. I smiled at the sight and continued to walk. There was no sound save the rustling of leaves in the warm breeze. Not a single bird sang. It semed as if I was the only one who was awake. It was peaceful. The shadows cast by the trees seemed to dance with the song of the wind. A beautiful ballet. Somewhere a wolf howled, but it seemed to be the lyrics of the song. I walked slower then I had before. I needn't rush. I had all night.

 After hours of walking I sat down. I needed at least a few hours of sleep. I couldn't risk not being alert.

The End

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