Deadly Rewrite

it kind of explains itself ...

 The legends of my civilization have been told throughout many lands. The Warrior Rahu; the fierce men who will challenge anyone and fight to the death. The immortal Peace Keepers. I've been training since I could walk to be a part of this civilization. Eventually I will join it willingly. But only when I wish it. I suppose that's selfish of me. I should continue my training and be what the community asks of me. But I would only want one thing. I would only want to be a Warrior. Something that I would be deprived of seeing as I'm female. So I'm taking the reins. Taking command of my life. Others will hate me for it, but they had an opportunity to live a life that was theirs. It is not my fault if they didn't seize that opportunity with both hands and let the wind take them where it would. I will one day live with my people afresh, but who can say when that day will come. Today I start my journey. Today I take command of my destiny. Today I leave my people.

The End

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