Chapter Six

 She was pondering on what to ask him when she next sees him. She could just as well ask him upstairs after dinner to be honest. He didn't have to be there; he just had to be able to write.

 When she looked down at her plate, she realised it was finished. She smiled, took the plate to the sink and dropped it in. If her mum was too lazy to cook, she was definitely going to have to wash up.

 She almost ran upstairs. She opened the door, sat down cross-legged in the middle of the room and put a pad and a pen in front of her. She thought of what to write.

 You're beautiful. She decided to write. It was simple, to the point but completely true.

It can sometimes be a curse... Amour wrote back with more of a tender, neater hand writing. Lana frowned.


Whenever I appear, girls faint. Or have heart attacks.

 I can see why they'd faint and have heart attacks about your looks, but don't you think that might be because you're a ghost?

 No. They already know I'm a ghost. I'm pretty sure that it's because of this dreaded beauty. That's all they talk about before they faint. Besides, it's nothing; it happens to every ghost, so it's not that special.

 Lana decided to give up on the subject. She bit her lip.

 Will you wake up with me tomorrow? Just hold me as soon as you can enter this world! she wrote hopefully.

 It's a date. Amour replied.

The End

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