Chapter Five

He started to pull away, but Lana forced her lips on his. She quickly wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, and kept them there for as long as she could. But he kept trying to pull away.

“No-” she started, but didn’t finish, because Amour was gone. She didn’t feel him go, but she also couldn’t feel him in her arms any more. It was as if she could never have felt him there. She gasped, and sat down on her bed, head-rush attacking her brain. She closed her eyes and shook her head. When she opened her eyes, they were wide and emotionless.

“Hun,” her mum called. “Time for dinner!” Lana rolled her big, brown eyes.

It’s probably just some ready meal. She thought unhappily. When she got into the kitchen, low and behold, there was a plastic dish with microwave macaroni and cheese.

“Thanks for making an effort, Mum. You know, you have no reason to stop making proper dinners. Your job finishes in the morning! You have most of the day!”

“I know, but I usually forget to cook dinner.” It was weird that Katherine, Lana’s Mum, wasn’t angry. She normally was when Lana talked about her tenancy to use ready meals.

Lana sat down, and ate the macaroni cheese quickly. It scalded the insides of her mouth, but she was too preoccupied with thinking about Amour to notice. 

The End

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