Chapter Three

"Then how are you gonna make me leave?" Lana said, her voice shaking. There was a long moment of silence. Lana waited patiently, listening intently. After five minutes of silence, the voice sounded again.
"I'm not going to." It said. Lana nodded, gulping nervously.
"Let's have a conversation."
"Must we?"
"Yes." Lana smiled in spite of herself. "Okay, let's see...I have a question."
"Go ahead."
"What have you been doing since you died?"
"I- I can't remember." He replied. It was definitely a boy.
"That's okay. Question two, can yourself? Like, instead of being a voice, could you be a person type thing?" she said, finding it hard to explain what she meant. There was more silence. Suddenly, a figure appeared on her bed. He had blond hair that fell an inch over his pale forehead. He had the type of eyes that would make a male model want to kill himself. They were electric blue, and they seemed like they could see into your soul. He was quite tall, and seemed muscled. He was about seventeen, and he looked like the human incarnation of perfection. Lana gasped in shock.
"Wow! You''re beautiful." Amour frowned.
"Really?" he said in disbelief. Lana rolled her eyes.
"I'm not surprised you're not human. You're beauty couldn't be human." She exclaimed.
"Thanks...I think." His voice was deep and alluring. Lana found herself leaning into it. She went to sit next to him on the bed. It felt cold around him.
"Question three. This one may be a bit personal, but-"
"How did I die?" he finished for her. She nodded.

The End

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