Deadly Love

Follow the adventure of Lana and her boyfriend! Find out how love feels! See how true love conquers over everything! Discover what it's love a ghost...

Lana sat at her desk on the computer. Her typing seemed too fast for the shabby old think, because the screen froze, and then filled with black. Lana groaned.
"Not again!" she moaned moodily, walking towards her bed. It stood very high, nearly touching the ceiling. She had to climb up a ladder to get into it. It was completely made of metal, making it look very modern.
She whipped out a notepad, and pulled a pen from her Jean's pocket. She started to scrawl words on there, finishing what she had been doing on her computer. A noise startled her. Normally, she wouldn't be scared of a noise, but this noise, it sounded like a voice. She was hypnotized by it. It was a dreamy voice, putting her in a daze. She didn't even know what it was saying, but she knew she liked it. Slowly, she drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The End

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