Deadly InnocenceMature

When twins Eve and Laura are kiddnapped, they wake up bound by their wrist and gagged, at the mercy of a homicidal maniac. Only They grabbed the wrong girls, because the sisters aren't going with a fight.

(Greenwich PD HQ)

(Recording on)  (Time: 5:42 PM)

(Interigation Room)

OFFICER: Laura, could you tell me how this started?

LAURA: The whole thing was my fault. The whole fucking thing. If we hadn't pulled over that night, maybe then...


 LAURA:....I'll start from the beginning

*3 weeks ago*

It was one of those nights where the stars are becons and the moon is your flashnight. Along with the radio blasting Rihanna and Eminem.

Me and Eve had just finished our annual trip across the state, visiting friends and local vacation spots and now we were on our way home. Unfortunetly with two more hours to go.

"Eve do we have anymore water?" I said looking around the car.

"No, I think you drank the last bottle an hour ago." Said Eve as she turned down the radio.

Even better, the weather decided to go from cloudy to poaring rain. Thats Michigan weather for you.

"Ok, just wanted to check." I looked out side, seeing that the storm wasn't going to let up.

"Laura, lets pull over-- 


OFFICER: Aren't you Laura? 

LAURA:..Damn..ok, I admit it. I'm Eve.

OFFICER: Why did you lie? did you make this up?

EVE: No! I just..I couldn't leave being Eve.

OFFICER: What do you mean?

EVE: I couldn't leaving being who I was, and me and Laura agreed that if anything bad happened to switch identies. We are twins after all, but I can't hide it anymore. Its too much. Please let me continue though. I have to say what happened.

OFFIER: ...alright, you may continue.

*3 weeks ago*

"Damn it, Eve pull over." said Laura.

We kept going for about a mile till I finally did pull over and shut off the car.

"So what now? Should we just call home and say we'll be late?" I asked. Laura agreed, and I started to pull out my phone, when suddenly my drivers side window blew out. Something grabed me by the arm and dragged me out, with Laura stumbling out after me, until she too was captured. I tried to break free when I was then hit over the head with something, and I was forced to let the darknes take over  

The End

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