Deadly AttractionMature

I could smell it the distant smell of that sweet tinged but bitter scent it was him, I would recognize that smell anywhere. The pure and strong smell, I ran towards the smell I felt nothing I heard nothing but his heart and seeing his defined face and his green eyes like jades. When I got there I saw him, Blue eyes like the seas body like a god that was not Enydiom that is who? He saw me and I saw him I took a minute to smell him to learn of his print he's Enydioms son. I smell Enydioms blood running through his blood, my mind races 100 miles a minute Enydiom is a vampire not a human how would his blood be in this mans blood. "Excuse me miss but is there a problem" I looked up arubtly he speaks then I really saw him he was in the nude getting dressed If i was human I would probably blush but I no longer have human emotions, "Whaa-whaat's you're name?" he grinned at me like he knew who I was.

"Aidan, Since we're personal now what is your name" I froze what is my name? Has it been so long these past centuries that i had forgotten my own real name? "Anya" he froze and looked at me for a second then backed away. I tried to get the sense of his mind but it was blocked i could only get small snipets of what he was thinking ~Anya this can't be her~ This angered me and without a thought I said the words that I dread. "I am Anya think you very much who are you trying to convince" he looked at me with shock and anger! "Must have been another Anya you are to young" I wrinkled my nose at this thought i was 10 times the senior he was. Then the most interesting thought passed through his mind ~Wait how did she know that i thought that? This can not be the same Anya father talked about in his letters!~ I winced at the use of father Enydiom was never a father type.

"Whats your fathers name Aidan?"
He looked baffled, "Ashford Carnegie" Ashford, Really Enydiom how far have you gone to hide yourself then that thought passed through again ~Enydiom who are you?~ I saw the shock in his face register when I growled at that name which was never to be spoken aloud "Enydiom Pericilise. How do you know of that name that you speak of?" On occasion my voice could sound like ice.

"All I know is that he was my father before he died in the war"
I laughed at this thought a silly war would never kill Enydiom he much to strong. "Naive boy, A war would not kill the indestructible"
Then i recall all my memories that mortal human girl Melody he called her oh how he said he loved her, until she found out what he was. He killed her then i awakened her, Yes I see it now in his face his mother her pale blue eyes and dark hair her skin like ivory If for not her smile you would believe she was a vampire but no she is just naturally enhanced by the blood i gave her to survive years ago when pregnant with this Aidan. My how nice it is to see your work 23 years later.

"I am your worst nightmare Aidan"

The End

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