What's there to save?

Sebastien moreau

Job related software engineer

Age 19

Strong concentration intelligent lack of emotions

Forgetful eccentric    less than normal empathy loner


My character lives in the mountainous region on the outskirts of california.

All he really knows is that he is in california. Was in a group of other engineers from same company. But where all captured and killed systematically in a  cult city with sacrafices to feed the city.

“All of this will blow over ,it’ll be safer where you are ,there is a shelter near the road we are going there,the selther is called”.Those where the last words uttered to me before the world shut off into a electrical slumber.I think back on that last phone call and see the final moments i had with my family,unbenounced  to me or anyone those were refugee camps they were “salvation”camps. Everyone inside would have been killed within hours of the impact, sometimes i pity and envy them for not having to die like animals starving alone. Those who banded together in small groups survive as a group but human nature is that of destruction and corruption,they become savages who have lost their mind due to malnutrition they will eat whoever they find. I have seen many good people who have nothing but compassion turn and follow monsters like sheep and be nothing but machines,”when there is no humanity left in one there is no sadness in the killing by another”.The world is a monstrous and hideous place decaying before my eyes soon there will be nothing left what is humanity with no humans to cusp its meaning.


The End

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