Chapter 1: part 2

       Bogart whined, working to get the fridge open. I had never seen him accomplish this task, so I doubted he even could. He managed to get the door open and ran off with the last two pieces of bacon before I could catch him. Such a selfish and stubborn dog.

      “Those were mine, you know? Bad dog.” The latter I mumbled to myself, before deciding to let the situation go and instead proceed to take a shower. My publisher, John Baxter, would kill me if I was late for our meeting, so I would have to grab coffee on the way to the office. Grabbing a coffee at the new shop they built on Evergreen would actually be a nice treat. Mm… Iced caramel macchiato.

      I exited the shower; legs silky smooth, lips still letting the words of Savior escape them, and soaking wet hair that tickled my shoulders. I ran a small handful of leave-in conditioner through my tangled excuse for hair, before taking the blow dryer to it until I thought it might explode or catch fire. Luckily, the dryer stayed in one piece and my hair was fairly dry. I dressed quickly and didn’t even bother to second guess the light colored shirt, which I should’ve done.

     I didn’t stop to do my makeup. It wasn’t like the people I pass on the street were going to scrutinize my facial features. Being one of those girls who looked just fine without makeup clogging up her pores was nice. Either way, makeup or no makeup, I felt and looked fine.

The End

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