My new motherMature

We arrived at her house and she unlocked the door to open it. She walked in the home and took off her jacket to hang it up. She was wearing a dress. A sparkly red dress. Maybe she just came from a date which caused me to look suspiciously at her.

"What? I gotta present myself to my fans. Now come on in, don't be shy." She said in a smile. I walked in the house closing the door behind me. Her beauty kept waking me up so I was able to not be as tired as I was in the first place.

"Now if you need some guidence I won't mind helping. Just meet me in the basement whenever your ready shoog." She said walking downstairs.

I was then alone and still a bit tired. It took a bit of time for me to catch myself from starting to colapse. Maybe if I lay upon her chest like a mother and child I would be able to sleep. If she lets me. Her breasts are big enough for me to fall asleep instantly.

I walked downstairs tired and yawning but only to see her underground training session. It was an amazing dojo and I was wondering if everyone else in the DOA had training sessions of their own.

"Hey Tina?" I said lowly

"If your tired then just ask hun. Your eyes nearly look like blood. Are you high? Im just wondering."

"No. I'm not. May I ask you something?" I said with a certain look on my face from her last question. (-_-)

"Go right ahead."

"Can I sleep with you?"

"Sweetie your 15." She said with a funny look along with a crazy smile, "Who do you think I am?"

"Not that kind." I said with the same face expression as a giant sweat mark fell down the back of my head, "As much as I want to but no."

"Oh, sorry shoog, you can sleep in my room. You don't seem like a snooper."


"Anything else" (-_-), "I'm sure I gave you enough."

I let out a breif sigh afraid of what she would say and/or do," May I sleep ON you?" I said in a bit of a studder.

"Hun...Where are you parents?"

"Tina Please!"

She jumped in a bit of a surprised and I suppose she was thinking about saying something back to me. She stood in silence for a bit.

"Nevermind. I apologize for my burst of voice."

I then walked upstairs and approached her room closing the door behind me as I was in my own room. I layed on her king sized bed and on top of the red covers she had fully clothed, and let out a sigh before closing my eyes unable to go to sleep no matter how tired I was. A pillow isn't soft enough for me because it is made of foam. Cotton.

Moments went by before I heard the door open. My eyes were still closed as she layed next to me at the same position as myself.

"Honey i'm sorry."

"You've done nothing wrong."

"...DO YOU have parents?"



"Well it'll be better once ya let it outcha chest." She said looking at me once I opened my eyes, "Don't worry. It'll just be between us."

I turned my body over to my side to face her, "Since you are beautiful and has gave me nothing but comfort I shall tell you. It's not a short story though.


You see... I was 5 the last time I seen them. My parents.. The hell gate opened before my very eyes but I didn't know what ti was or who made it until now. The demons are not here for they were defeated by the angels who was formed as vessels, but one demon remained obviously. The first demon."

"How do you know they were killed shoog?" She questioned worried.

"I know because an angel always finishes their job. And because that I was an angel's vessel...Kain is the immortal demon and nobody know where he roams, but when I did it was too late."

"What happened?"

"He possessed my mother but I don't know how long he has. He killed my father in front of me. I know it might sound hard to believe in this story i'm telling you so... just touch my head."


She placed her hand on my head, "What for?"

"Im going to show you a flashback."

"What? But how?"

"One word...Alpha."

Once I closed my eyes the flashback occurred in her head.

His five year old self was frightened, not knowing what to do.

"You really are a fool arent you!?" Said the possessed mother known as Kain as he was gripping the father in the air by the neck choking him.

"Mommy stop it!" cried the five year old Ruy(His real name is Seina)

"Begone child! Wait your turn!" Yelled the possessed mother.

"No!" Yelled the choking father.

The possessed mother threw the father in a tossing manner to a wall. The father's back slammed on the wall causing blood to spit from his mouth.

"Dad!" cried the 5 year old Ruy as he ran next to him.

"My son! Can you hear me!?" Spoke the father from the mind.

"Dad!? But how?" Seina responded surprisingly.

"Gather the blade from my back pocket and stab him! This is not your mother!"

"But, Dad!"

"Hurry my child! You don't have much ti- -"

"Before he finished his sentence the possessed mother stomped on him with all his might in a repeated force again and again which caused me to cry as his dead body was steady getting stomped on. His organs of his brain scattered across the bloody floor and I had no choice but to do what he told me if I wanted her to stop. I stabbed her but the demon left her body before I stabbed her, and she was close to her death. I crawled to her too weak to stand up because of the tears that would never end as her blood was spreaded throughout her shirt and floor. She told me,

"" She said as she placed her hand on his face and smooched his neck as her blood was rushing from her mouth, My...lovely son."

"And then my mother died... and I had to bury their bodies."

Flashback over

"After that I have lived alone all my life, but luckily, my music raised me money causing me to have enough to buy a house at the age of 13. I still have the mark of her kiss."

I unbuttoned my collar and showed her the mark, but when I looked at her she was in tears. She held me close to her and smiled at me.

"I know its hard to live in that scarring. You must be desperate for love. For comfort...Its alright. I'll help you get the one you want."

I then was about to be in deep asleep in her soft chest, for it has been so long since i've had comfort.

"I'll be ya mama." She whispered in my ear before I was unconscience.

The End

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