Her voice...Her actions...Her personality...The innocence she has but the spirit to fight...If only I knew her more, but I only watch her live... Live in action. How can I reach her? Speak to her? Even if I did I would fail the attempt. I just know it.

Joining the Dead or Alive is impossible for a human with no skill such as myself, but I must try once more. Once a month they give out auditions to see who wants to join and is capable of joining, but I don't want either. The only reason why I would go and try out is so I can reach the one I am most interested in. The female I have a crush on. I want to be capable because I don't want her to be disappointed. I want her to be interested in me...

Here I am, in the fighting arena. Getting ready to face the last tournament champion, Kasume, as a test. If I could last 5 minutes with her then I would be capable of joining. My crush is watching me along with everyone else, as she sits with the one she calls, "Lady Helena." I must try with all my might. I can't back down now.

The match begins. Kasume jumped in the air in a rolling manner and powerfully twist kicked me on my head.


I was slammed on the ground unconscience. Once I woke up I appeared in the beach like all the previous 32 times I lost. I've humiliated myself once again. I decided to close back up my eyes and wait for my demise to meet.

"You can't give up now." Said a familiar voice. It sounded like one of the characters in DOA.

Once I opened my eyes it appeared to be Eliot standing over me.

I was in confusion that Eliot would talk to a stranger such as myself.

"Eliot?" I questioned, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm just here to ask a question."


"Why are you auditioning all the time?"


"If it has something to do with anything personal I wont tell anyone. Don't worry."

"...Its a girl I like, and I want to meet her in person instead of watching her live or in tv fighting all the time... but she finds no interest in me. I' just humiliate myself all the time."

He crouched down to me, "Look." He said, "The only way to impress a girl is if you do something that you won't usually do as the person you are. Do something out of the ordinary. That is the ONLY way."

I let out a sigh of depression.

"Luckily I know someone who would love to train others."

He got up and told me to do the same, so I did.

"Follow me." He said as he was walking off, "I want you to meet someone." I followed him.

Time went by as we went to a mountain and climbed up the rocks, but only to see that it was an amazingly well made home on the top. Bridges connected to other areas, stablized homes were made, a waterfall that was running down the mountain. It was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. Once I looked around I noticed someone who had the same skin as me but a bit darker than mine. He was known as Zack.

Eliot walked to him causing me to follow.

"Zack, would you mind helping him train?"

Zack turned around, " Yea sure, what for?"

"He wants to enroll."

"Only if he tells me why." He then turned around with a slight grin.

I replied in a lie, "So I can stop being treated badly. They treat me unfairly because Im a weakling. Im sick and tired of being sick and tired."

"And define they." Zack said.

"The people. The world it seems." I replied.

Its funny how Eliot knew I was lying but he decided to go with it.

"Well lets show then what a "weakling" can do!" He said backing away.

Next thing you know is that he lifted his leg to roundhouse kick me on the side of my head causing me to flinch loudly. A brief two seconds went by before I opened my eyes back up but only to see the heel of his foot right next to my face causing me to grow shocked of his speed.

"First rule" He said, "Don't flinch."

"But...It's hard."

"Not after I'm done with you." He then walked off, "Meet me back here tomorrow."

"Wait, that's it?" I questioned in confusion.

"Not at all." Eliot responded, "If I were you I'll get prepared for tomorrow. I'll see you later. I have fans to autograph to sadly. I'm already late." He said before he jumped off the mountain. I couldn't just jump off of course so I climbed down(Which too hellas) and started to walk to the closed DOA stadium. I sneaked in through the underground passage way I made since they had high security. The only reason why I go there is because they have a piano I always play inside. I don't know why but everytime I'm sad or depressed I always play the piano.

Soothing was the first thing I played once I approached it... Something felt if someone was watching me, but who? I honestly didn't care and I also grew tired by the music that could put someone to rest. If only I had someone instead of someTHING to lay on besides the floor, but I had no choice. I had no energy to walk home and that's what a piano does to me. It's my addiction that has a consequence at the end. Just like smoking.

Once I got up I let out a breif sigh, and once I turned around ALPHA was behind me!

"Alphaaaaa" I said too tired to scream. "Your my favorite color. I always watch you live in action. Your so fast."

She let out a slight groan, " He plays the piano in a soothing way?"

"Yes I do?" I replied.

"Ehh?!(You know what I'm saying?!)" she groaned in shock, (How do you know what I'm saying!?)

"I'm not sure. I can just... hear you." I responded lowly from my tiredness, "Alpha, can you take me home?"

"You have legs, you can walk."

"I can't. I will faint in the process."

"No you won't. possibly- -"

"I am that tired. I feel as if im gonna pass out right now. Catch me if I fall."

She let out a groan of frustration and took my wrist to walk with me.

"What's wrong?" I questioned her.

"I don't feel like fans right now. That's why I'm in here."

"I understand. It must suck for you."

"It gets annoying after a while."

"I'll go myself. It's alright."

I stretched and yawned, then walked off into the sidewalk. If only I had excitement from someone, but I am a bit lonely. As I walked down the sidewalk I began to grow more tired each minute that goes by. I was about to pass out right then. Luckily I bumped into a certain female. A girl who loves her fans. She was known as Tin. A physically attractive body along with her accent she can perform as a cowgirl. I was still tired but not as tired as I was before. Still tired to faint. She noticed the tiredness in my eyes, knowing that I haven't slept yesterday.

"Whats wrong shoog?" She asked.

"Nothing, just tired." I responded after a yawn.

"Walking all by yurself" Wheres ya mama?

"Im 15."

"That still isnt a reason why a child should be walking alone. C'mon, follow me. I wanna talk to ya anyway." She said before walking off causing me to follow, "So where ya from?"

"Japan. I was here to audition."

"I know hun, I was there."


"Its not easy trying to be in the DOA."

"Then why you guys have auditions opening every once a month?"

"Because hun, these fans would love to get there butts whooped by the ones they fangasm over. Isn't that why you keep auditioning?"

I shook my head, "No... I just wanted to be closer to the one im interested in. But all I do is humiliate myself. She finds no interest in me." I said in a sad tone of voice.

She leaned her beautiful face close to mine in an excited manner. She was so pretty.

"Who is it!?"

Since she was an attractive female I had no struggles telling her, not scared.

"Marie Rose."

"Marie Rose? You can already have her. I can already tell. But the problem is you gotta go through her mother. If you can get through her then she's all yours. All you gotta do is beat her in combat. Or be a challenge to her."

"Aw man..."

So I had no choice but to fight this overly attractive, girl I wanna fuck, mother of the girl I have a crush on... Hesitation will come forth but I had no choice. I just needed to train.

The End

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