Without WarningMature

Come join Midros on an adventure through a barren shadow world as she treks down a path of destruction and war to become recognized as the queen of everything physical in this dimension.

Everyone believed the Queen to be invincible, they assumed that she ruled over all forms of physics and that to draw blood from her they would need the strength and the power of a God, yet here she kneels under her own weight after being caught off guard. Nathan didn't expect to see these results, he hadn't expected to show her commanders just how vulnerable she was to his blade but he is obviously pleased with seeing the blood seep through her white gown. 

Before she can stand to recover, another commander was on her and his blade was held high, ready to execute the Queen with a single swing but she moves too fast for anyone else in the strategy room to keep up with her and when she's seen again, she's by her throne and is equipped with her glinting Starnite crafted blade. It did not seem as thick or as intimidating as the weapons her predecessors chose but when Nathan had seen it, he knew that she aims to kill them all by her hand right then and there. She doesn't seem concerned by the betrayal of her commanders, or by the wound she sustained, her facial expression tells the traitors that she's furious with them and she wastes no time charging at Nathan, the glint of her blade being the only visible indication that she's headed for him before his head volleys into the air. 

But the Queen was foolish in turning her back to her commanders, as they were all too desperate to leap at the chance to kill her while they still believed she was vulnerable. Mason rushed to grab the dagger Nathan used to stab her while Barrek rushed to thrust his blade with it aimed at the Queens spine but it didn't even pierce her pale skin, and his attempt was met with a swing of the Queens own blade. Barrek was fast enough to avoid mortal injury but lost his katana and his right arm to the Queens fury. Barrek instinctively backed up, seemingly oblivious to the loss of his arm, but he's not fast enough get out of range of the Queen's next attack when she swings her blade down over the mans head. He lifted his left arm up in an attempt to block the blow but it proves to be a trivial obstacle for her blade and in the next moment Barrek was split apart. 

Her eyes fell to the last commander, wielding the dagger used to cause her harm. She didn't question his loyalty in that moment; the Queen couldn't afford to let the knowledge of her injury be known to anyone and the very weapon used to injure her was now in Mason's hand. The Queen tosses her blade at Mason with a flimsy effort and in a split second it manages to pierce his chest and bury itself deep into his abdomen. Surprisingly enough to the Queen, Mason still stands after the strike, smirking as if he's harboring a terrible secret.

The End

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