The End Is Nigh

My plan came swiftly to an end though. As I rounded a bend in the road I came face to face with another checkpoint. The guards were all outside with their weapons trained on my car. I tried to break through but they blew out my tires and I slowed to a stop. They slowly advanced towards the car. They shot the ground outside my door and started shouting at me. I guessed they were requesting that I exit the vehicle.

I slipped two knives up my sleeves and slowly opened the door. I wasn’t going back to that hell. I’d rather die fighting. I exited the car. One man approached me with his gun pointed at my head. I waited until he was within striking distance. I tensed my muscles. I allowed the knives to slide down my arms to the top of my hands where they still weren’t visible. What happened next shocked me as much as the guards.

A bullet flew past my head and struck the man closest to me right between the eyes. It exited through the back of his head pulling skull and brain matter out the hole created by the bullets passing. He collapsed to the ground.

The other guards dived behind their checkpoint seeking cover. I dropped to the ground and rolled under the car. One of the guards stuck his head up to look for a shooter. His body returned to the ground minus most of his head. The rest of the guards stayed rooted to the ground peeking out through gaps in the checkpoint.

 Within seconds of the guards taking cover, tracer rounds sprayed in from all directions. Looking out from under the car all I could see was hundreds of red lines streaking towards the checkpoint.

The guards didn’t stand a chance against this invisible enemy. The checkpoint was obliterated within seconds due to the huge fire power being directed at it. The shooting ceased when it was obvious that there could be no survivors.

There was silence for a minute until two F-22 Raptors screamed past over-head. They flew past and on towards the main compound. They reached the compound and there was an immense boom as they dropped their payloads onto the camp. The smoke cloud rose kilometres into the sky as the fire raged.

I stayed under the car until I heard footsteps approaching. I stuck my hands out from under the car and slowly dragged myself out. I looked up towards the figure standing over me. He stepped closer and blocked out the sun giving himself an angelic glow. He extended a hand and pulled me to my feet. He held a picture up beside my face and nodded.  He held his radio up to his mouth and in a distinctly Irish accent said “it’s him lads. Let’s pack it up and bring his sorry arse home”.

I was in complete shock. “Why are the Irish Rangers here to save me?” I asked completely bewildered. He looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, “We aren’t here… but if we were it would be because we are the best there is”.

A Black Hawk helicopter came and collected my saviours and me.

It took a while for it to sink into my head. I was alive. I was on my way home.

The End

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