That evening, in my cell, I finalised my plans for escape. It was a very risky plan but the worst that could happen would be for them to throw me back in here. Death would be a release from this hell. I had nothing to lose.

The next morning my guards dragged me unceremoniously from my cell and into the interrogation room and then into the torture room after yet another failed interrogation. When they left the torture room my little tormentor entered. As he sauntered past me I tripped him with my chains. I wrenched one hand free of my cuffs and snatched a knife up off the table beside me. Just as he was getting back to his feet I spun and slammed the knife directly into his heart. After a few seconds his body stopped flailing. I dragged his body closer and searched him for keys. I found them in his shoes and released myself from my restraints.

I grabbed all the knives I could. I put them in all my pockets, down the insides of my boots and most importantly, in my hands. I thumped on the door and stepped back as I had seen the torturer do every day up to that one. I stood to the side of the door with my knives ready. The door creaked open and before the guard even had time to look into the room my knife had cut through the space between us and ripped through his windpipe. His partner soon followed him to the ground with several stab wounds. I dragged their bodies into the room and changed into the least damaged uniform.

I left the room with the guards cap pulled low on my head to try to hide my face. I walked down the corridor and turned the corner and was about halfway up the corridor when three men entered at the other end. My heart was racing. I readied a knife. They were getting closer. Closer. Closer… They brushed past me without even a glance at the face under the cap.

I turned the next corner and stopped to calm myself. I couldn’t screw this up. I had to get out! I would get out! I followed a few more corridors along a path which I guessed led to an exit. I was right. Eventually I found an exit; unfortunately as soon as I opened it an alarm was triggered. I exited the building and tried to look normal and unassuming. Amazingly it worked! I made it to the car bay. That was my only chance of getting out of here. I would never make it on foot. I went to the wall and picked a set of keys for an inconspicuous little car. I opened it and sat into the driver’s seat. I took a moment to compose myself. It occurred to me then that when they found the bodies they would lock the camp down. This spurred me into action.

I started the car and slowly pulled out from the car bay. I drove cautiously towards the only gate out of the camp. I pulled up at the gate and the guard said something, so I handed him the guards ID card hoping that this was what he had asked for. It wasn’t. He bent down to look inside the car at me but all he saw was a knife speeding towards his eye. It pushed through the soft eye right into his brain. I let go of the knife and he slumped forward onto the side of the car. The other guards were scrambling for their weapons. I slammed the car into first gear and took off out the gate. I was pushing the car as hard as it would go. I knew I had to find a town or city. Somewhere I could melt into the crowds.

But where the hell was I?....

The End

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