I turned a full circle to take in my new surroundings. I was in the exact centre of the room with about 12 feet to each wall. There was a table set against one wall with an array of dangerous looking instruments arranged on this table. Great!! A torture room! Everyone’s favourite room in the house!

The door opening brought my attention to the front of the room again. A scrawny little excuse for a man entered the room along with two guards. The guards placed a barrel in front of me and filled it with ice and water. When it was full they left the room. The little man walked up to me and started taunting me in fairly good English. He made the mistake of coming too close and he realised that when I head butted him and broke his nose. This act of defiance earned me a visit from the guards who set upon me with their rifle butts.

When I was all bloodied and bruised they left again. The scrawny man glared at me from across the room and cautiously made his way over to me and then around behind me. I guessed he was going to kick me or hit me over the head with something but instead he asked me a question. It went unanswered. This earned my head a short trip into the freezing water in the barrel. This questioning continued for probably another hour before the little man left and the guards came back in to take me to my cell.

The cell was small and smelly. Its only furnishing was a bucket which I assumed was supposed to serve as a toilet. A few hours later a slot at the bottom of the door opened and some scraps of food were thrown in on the floor. This exact routine continued for several days until the questioning became a bit more vigorous. The barrel of freezing water was removed and replaced with a pair of pliers which were used to remove my fingernails and toenails. This I can tell you, is excruciatingly painful. The pain is not even comprehendible!

Yet through all of this pain I never gave them a shred of information.

The End

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