Dead Man's Diary

It was another very hot, bright, dusty day in Iraq. It must have been up near 45 degrees Celsius!! It was ridiculously warm! I don’t know how the natives can stand this kind of weather all summer long, but anyway, I was in some small village in the Helmand Province on my way to Baghdad. I was obviously here on work because who in their right mind would come here on holidays?!

I was cruising down the highway, or main road, it’s hard to tell because most of the roads are the same size, but that’s not the point. I was in a crappy white truck similar to most of the commoners. I had AC/DC blaring on the CD player. Looking back on it now I realise how ironic it was that I was listening to Highway To Hell! At the time though, I was just enjoying the song while driving past the barren and unvarying landscape. Only for I had a compass I would have sworn that I was driving in a giant circle! My enjoyment of the song soon ended though.

A couple of hundred yards further up the road a small truck carrying sheep had collided with a car. As I got closer the sheep started leaping off the back of the lorry to get away from a small fire that had started after the collision. I stopped my truck, took off my seatbelt and opened the door to get out when a fireball erupted from the engine of the car and quickly consumed the trucks fuel supply as well as its own. The force of this explosion drove me back into the truck and pushed the truck into the oncoming traffic. An oncoming car which had been travelling quite fast smashed into the passenger side of my truck. I was thrown out the still open driver side door and was slammed into the ground rendering me unconscious.

I don’t remember much of what happened immediately after that except that on waking up I found myself staring down the barrel of a rifle. This clearly couldn’t be good. They must have found my gear in the truck after the crash. The person at the other end of the gun noticed that I had regained consciousness and started shouting to somebody else but I passed out again before anybody responded to his shouts.

The End

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