The Peel

A man who has just passed away is teamed up with misfits of the underworld to score a big payday from a head honcho of the underground

Chapter 1 Death

 “Wake up”

 “Humans sure do look complicated, Balthazar look at this”

I could feel him reach just below my ribs and grab my liver, tearing it from all the intricately weaved blood vessels that encompassed it.

“Looks like that stuff Phobos is always picking at.” said Daegon

“Why don't you give it a try?” suggested Balthazar

“Why not, you’re only dead once.  Tastes like grave beetles, not the freshest either” said Daegon as he spat the piece of rotting flesh back at Xaiver pushing his left eyeball back into his head, resting on his on the front of his cerebellum.

 I managed to tell my last available eyeball to look up to catch a glimpse of my torturers.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Balthazar and Daegon looked at each other “Us?”

“Who are you people” Whispered Xaiver

 “We are your new co-workers.”  Said Phaedra, as she sat next to the stalagmite that had skewered him like a hotdog over a campfire.

 “What’s happening to me?”

 “I’m not sure what time you’ve come from so I would rather not go into to much detail about it but for now lets say your soul is realizing it doesn't need that bag of organs to retain consciousness anymore so its ‘shedding its skin’ so to speak.  A point of concern is what happens after you lose your container, your mind spills out into the atmosphere down here and after that happens we have to spend weeks to months trying to find you all again.  Making sure you aren't missing an eye or fingernail when we bring you to Seth.”

 Just as I opened my mouth to ask another question my jaw peeled off and landed on the ground with a thud

 “Well I guess that ends the questions for now.  Daegon pull him off that rock and lets head to Seth’s place.” Said Phaedra

As Daegon lifted me off the rock the remains of my bowel emptied itself all over his shoes.

“Dammit” he whispered to himself

He reached down to my thigh and ripped a piece of skin off to wipe his boots off.  I looked at him in astonishment that I was been used as a washcloth.

“Oh common its not like those were staying on for long anyway.”  Said Daegon as he dragged me along.  He did have a point but it would have been nice to be asked.

 “Hi Seth, we have one for origination” said Phaedra

“Sorry Phaedra, I’ve closed up shop for the day, just leave him near the crates and I will carve him tomorrow.” Said Seth

There was a crack on the table as she dropped a bag of sin coins down on top of the grobbler’s claws.  The coins skittered across the table until Seth snatched the bag and emptied its contents into his mouth smirking at the crew, his uneven rows of black teeth moaning for more of the delicious coins.

 “Put him on the meat hooks” said Seth.

 Daegon hoisted what was left of Xaiver onto the hooks, looking away as the miscreation of the gods did his work.  Screams filled the room as the smiling demon swung his cleavers in seven different directions, grabbing gold dust for his golden locks.  Quartz was cut in delicate pieces and slammed into mashed pink carcass of the dead Goldhorn that lined my mouth.  He yanks the hooks that hold what feel like the remains of my arms and lock them into a steel mould.  I feel his scabbed lips rub up against the ears he has created and whisper “this is going to hurt”.   I thrashed and convulsed against the hooks that held my body, my mouth started to foam and my eyes start to roll around in their newly crafted sockets.  He watches my reaction and adjusts how fast he pours in the ice wax.  After the cadaver is arranged, he injects me with mercury that freezes on contact with my pristine new skin.  He studies me with unblinking eyes and judges that his work is complete.

 I get up and fall immediately on my knees, Daegon helps me up and say’s “It will take some time to get used to the weight”, then he hands me a mirror and says, “what do you think”?

  I’m freezing inside my own skin, I can barley move my fingers and every movement seems like it fights through a bowl of molasses to make the slightest change.  I study my face in the mirror and it is the picture of perfection that has a constant blush due to my ice born cage. 

 “Can’t be to careful with a body like that, but that's the only way we can keep you alive down here.  Don't go getting all hot and steamy with anyone or we might not be able to find you again” smirked Balthazar.  Seeing that I had come out of origination as planned Balthazar left with a flurry of green smoke to prepare for the celebration tonight.

 I turned to look at Phaedra who seemed mesmerized at my transformation.  She walked over and touched my face; she shivered and bit her lip.  She leaned in closer to smell the steam rising off where she touched my cheek

 “We have one more stop before we go have some fun with Balthazar” said Phaedra

 “SSurree, Whherre tooo?” I said

 Her and Daegon Laughed and managed to squeak out “to meet the guy who got a hold of you before you ended up in the ocean of souls”.

 I managed to make my way out of the shop by myself after a few minutes and assistance from Daegon down the stairs. 

“Thanks for the body Seth always a pleasure to work with you” said Phaedra

“Just don't go breaking him, carving up a human is a lot of work” said Seth

 I trudged up the street with my hair pasted to my forehead, I felt like my hands were attached to anvils.  I held up my hand and signalled for a break. 

“I think I’ve got just the thing for you” said Phaedra, she walked into a wooden building and out with three ipotane skulls filled with a light blue liquid.  “This will make you a little lighter on your feet” smiled Phaedra

The End

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