First time for everythingMature

About a teenage boy who is trying to survive, but also mature on his own in a post apocalyptic Britain, after a new virus out break has turned most of the population into Zombies.

He could smell them… their rotten flesh began to seep into his noose. He had grown accustomed to this by now, but when he had first come across it he had thrown up, that time seemed so distant to now. When he had first seen them he had actually pissed himself, but now he has learnt to control his fear.

There was a sudden sound; it was a metallic sound, most likely a tin of some kind hitting the floor. Evidently one of the bloody things had knocked it onto the floor. But this was perfect, for these things weren’t very smart, or observant, but they would defiantly have heard that, and would be heading over to where the sound originated from right now. This was his chance to escape, his chance to live another day.

As he could hear them heading over to the origin of the sound, as he could hear the dragging of feet and the small groans and noises that they made. He could see the small glow of a fire exit; its glow was somewhat divine and ominous as it was the only light source in the entire building that was still functioning, this would be his only chance of escaping.

After a few deep breaths, he began to move from where he was hiding, and he began to make his way towards the exit. He stuck to the darkest parts of the shadows, and he made sure that he was grasping any item on his person that could inadvertently be dropped or be knocked and make sound. He was so close now; the glow illuminated one half of his body. He had made sure that the shelves of the supermarket had obscured him from their view.  

He was now leaning into a shelf that would have had beans on it judging by the label, but was bare, along with the rest of the market. He had gotten himself into this predicament as he thought that there would have been some food or water, or any supplies that he could take. But all had found was a bottle of water, and a lighter. Despite this, he was happy with his find, just he didn’t expect to find some of the infected locked up in hear too.

His black trench coat helped him blend into the shadows, but it wouldn’t help for the next part, for the sigh on the door said that is the fire exit was to be opened then the alarm would be raise. Well bollocks, he was going to have to run, and his coat wouldn’t help with that. But he would have a good head start on them, he wasn’t worried about the ones in the market, but the possibility of some being outside the exit, and being drawn to where he was by the alarm, but it was a gamble.

He risked a peek around the shelf he was hiding behind to see where the infected where, and he could count maybe three through the darkness and they were the closest at his best guess eight rows down, but he couldn’t be sure. Then one walked past a shelf three rows down. He shifted straight back against the shelf, and it rocked a little. Then an empty bean can fell from the very top shelf onto the floor. “Bollocks.” He whispered to himself, and instinctively went straight for the exit...        

The End

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