Ch. 1, pg. 1Mature

Jedd is dead. In his last moments, he recounts the story of the events which led to his death. He remembers it, just as if it had happened yesterday.

     I remember it, just as if it had happened yesterday. On the day that you die, your large collection of friends, family and acquaintances will gather ‘round your body and sing their praises of you. They will all speak of the great things that you’ve did and ignore your ever lessening lapses in judgment. The night you got hammered from a barrel of ale and were thrown out the pub for bein’ an obnoxious ass will become the night that you outdrank everyone of your friends in a river of glory. Yeah, when you die people will mourn, for they will all be just a little bit less of a person without you in their life. They will weep. They will shed tears. But on the day that I died, when I finally died, I heard God smiled a little.

The End

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