Chapter TwoMature

A Buck And A Boy

I woke to the buzzing of my alarm clock. Damn it... Forgot to set it to music last night...

After I arrived home last night, I was tired enough to sleep for months. I barely even set my alram clock, setting it at the buzz setting other than the music.

I was assigned a hunting privilage today and I didn't know who I was going to feed off of. The Council isn't as strick with me with the Mortal meals I choose as they are with others. 

Sometimes these privlages I have as being a famous Vampire are advantages, but they hold their down-sides either way. Hunting for example- advantage. Wanting some peace is a different story.

I went over hunting techniques, which was very unecessary, as I shuffled my feet along the carpet of my room to a droor. From the droor I pulled out some black skinny jeans and an My Chemical Romance shirt. After pulling these clothes out of the droor, I stripped out of my clothes from yesterday and slipped on my new ones. 

Dressed and awake, I made my way to the bathroom where I brushed out my long hair and added some eyeliner, touching up the faded stuff from last night. 

I made my way out of the back door that was met by my main entance to the forest from my back yard. A gentle November breeze washed over me as I walked through the trailess forest aimlessly.

A robin called above and I listened as squirrels scurried their way among the forest floor in search of a next meal. I continued to make my way through the forest I knew so well as I listened to the sounds of the wildlife silently. 

Up ahead I saw a buck. That's when he saw me as well. The large beauty stared at me, twisting his ear cautiously. He stood tall with his broad shoulders and overly-sized antlers shining with the sun's light. I couldn't help but feel charmed by the buck that stood a couple feet away from me. I could tell by the look in his eye that he knew what I was. Animals had a special sense that told them of Immortal presences. 

But my silent presence wasn't what threatened  the large buck. I was almost positive, but sure enough, he came charging at me.

There I stood, frozen to the ground, that's what it seemed to be, as he charged at me. His antlers were pointed straight to me and I had barely enough time to duck down. As I pulled my head down and the buck stummbled forward, I dragged him down by his hooves and jumped out of the way. Now he was the one in shock. Then his shock turned to anger.

As the buck lifted himself up off the ground, ready to charge again, I caught a glance at what had threatened him- a boy stood behind a tree, fear showing through her eyes. But the buck wasn't intent on that threat anymore, but me.

He charged forward once more and I jumped out of the way. Pain shot tthrough me and I realized he managed to ram into my leg. His antler cut the jean material and flesh into my leg. I choked out a silent scream and he raised up onto his hind legs, his front legs flairing in the air, ready to stomp down on me.

I gritted my teeth and shut my eyes. So this was the end of Vampire Helena. All because I couldn't use my Vampire srengths due to the boy who stood, clenching the tree, not giving a care what happened to me. But then I heard the buck's hooves slam down on the ground instead of me. I opened my eyes to see the buck's attention turn to the boy who had a rock raised in one hand.

Fear served through his eyes as he chucked the rock at the buck who turned to charge at him. 

Stupid Mortal! I heaved myself up off of the ground and prepared to launch myself at the charge-ready buck, buy or no boy there to witness my Immortal power. 

I launched forward and rolled the buck and myself to the ground. I bit down on his spine that sent quivering through his back. He kicked back, but I dodged and sent my nails across his face, causing blood to trickle down his furred cheek. One last look at my glaring eyes and he took off running, his back heaving in a mount of spasms due to the injected venom.

I turned to the boy who was as shocked as scared at the moment. "Uh. Hi" I said and walked closer. A hoarse whisper escaped his mouth, "Va- Va-" I rolled my eyes, "Va?" "Vampire!" he yelled and turned to dash away.

Before he could take one more dash to the outside world of the forest, I pinned him to the ground and looked down at him. "Sorry, Champ..." 

I lowered my mouth to his neck and dug my fangs deep into his blood stream. Blood trickled the corners of my mouth, making me shudder. No, I had to inject him with the killing venom before taking blood. I didn't want him to suffer the pain of a slow death by straightly taking the blood out of him.

The venom spreaded through his blood-flow as I sat back and watched his eyes widen, pupils shrink, and muscles suffer from fits of spasms. I stared with a blank expression as the last of his life flooded from him. 

A few moments of silence apread through the forest after the boy let out his whimpers before the birds started their songs up again.

I looked down at the murder victim and muttered,

"Looks like I found my meal..."


The End

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